Axel Sather: Ten Month Update

(NOTE: I wrote this last month and never got around to posting it! Oops. Look for his 11-month update shortly!)

Axel’s ten-month celebration was a little overshadowed by his sister’s 3rd birthday, but that’s what happens when you have siblings, right? This last month has been pretty crazy in regards to his development. He is now up and crawling on all fours and he is FAST! I thought he was fast army crawling, but I was wrong. Especially if he sees a phone or an open door, in which case he goes into turbo speed.

He is has also learned how to pull himself up and is starting to walk along furniture. He’s not yet interested in the push walker or trying to take steps towards us, but I fear that’s not too far away at the rate he wants to be moving. He loves climbing. He would rather climb over you than go around. He’s basically a monkey. He loves wrestling with Charlotte. They’re almost in the same weight division!

He loves eating table foods and we have yet to find a food he doesn’t like. His favorites so far is watermelon, beans (black and green beans), pasta . . . okay, just about everything is his favorite.

He has foiled my chalkboard art again as he now has seven teeth instead of five, which is what he had when I did the chalkboard a little over a week ago.

He’s “talking” more and I swear he said “grandpa” last week while we were at my parent’s house. Mostly it’s just high-pitched squeals and “baba”, but he’s been more vocal.

Unfortunately he is still getting up in the night. I honestly think it’s just habit at this point so we’ll be trying some sleep training here soon cause I can’t take the multiple sleep interruptions much longer.

He is wearing mostly 18 and 24-month clothing. I haven’t weighed him in awhile, but he’s heavy. He’s also tall. As he stands now, it’s quite interesting to see his height compared to Charlotte and it’s not that much!


Likes: Music, playing peek-a-boo, crawling, grabbing faces, clapping, putting everything in his mouth, watching Charlotte, water, books, being held, bath time, doing anything with his sister, the dogs, food, dog food (yes, he almost ate a piece of dog food already!), moving in his walker, eating.Dislikes: Sitting still, being left alone.




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