Axel Sather: Eleven Month Update

Axel Sather: Eleven Months
Axel Sather: Eleven Months

I thought I knew what busy was, but the past month has put my previous definition to shame. It’s been a very interesting and emotional past month. The fact that my baby is going to be a toddler in less than one month is hitting me hard for starters! I mean, he’s already the size of a toddler, but he’s my baby and I don’t know if I’m ready for that, especially since I feel like his year has gone by much faster than Charlotte’s (mostly because I’m now chasing her as well).

To add onto those emotions, we found out last month (with only three days notice) that our daycare was closing. That was a shock. What was even more shocking was that the day before they were closing their doors the provider’s husband fed Axel (who is allergic to milk) three ounces of whole milk! Yes, you read that right! I certainly had a WTF moment. Amazingly, by God’s grace, he was alright and did not have a severe reaction. In fact, we go in tomorrow for our annual allergy testing, so I’ll be curious to see what his levels are and what the allergist thinks of the situation. It was his first instance and I’ve kept it in my diet, so that probably had something to do with him not having a severe reaction, but it could have been bad. I mean, he has an EpiPen Jr. for just this reason! Plus, this made the third instance since April that something like this has happened (the previous two times were for Charlotte). Regardless, there were so many words (that were not said directly) that I had for them, but I took the higher road and, needless to say, my children were not there the last day. Unfortunately, we are now searching for childcare, which has proven very difficult (especially for two).

So we’ve been a little emotional lately and a little overwhelmed, but we’re also thankful that everyone is okay and in a better place – mainly, our kids.

Anyways, this is supposed to be about Axel’s 11-month update. He turned 11 months on our 6th anniversary! He’s developing like crazy. He broke another tooth this past week, so he’s now up to eight teeth. He’s learning to balance and will stand on his own for 15-20 seconds. He’s tried to take a step or two, but usually falls. He can use his walker, but still prefers to crawl. He’s very fast!  He is still strong as evidenced by the fact that Charlotte was sitting in her chair eating and Axel proceeded to pull her on the chair backwards while he was standing behind her.

He still puts EVERYTHING in his mouth. I can’t trust him anywhere. I try to put him in the driveway and he’s picking up leaves and small things and trying to eat them. Things on the floor – instantly in the mouth. This is a habit I hope breaks soon. He’s not talking a whole lot, but he sure can make some noise. He’s got quite the screech. He does say “Da” a lot and can say “mama”. He can also now climb the stairs, but doesn’t understand yet how to go down. Something we need to work on.

He still eats just about everything and we’ve mostly been giving him what we’ve been eating for dinner. He’s still breastfed, but he seems to be weaning himself as he would prefer table food. We are working on sleep training. We just started so we’ll see how it goes. I hope well, because I would really love to sleep through the night again!

He is pretty much in 24-month/2T clothes. Yep.

Likes: Dancing, music, standing, crawling, balancing, biting, putting everything in his mouth, water, books, bath time, eating, moving (all of the time), doing whatever his sister is doing (she’s not always a fan),

Dislikes: Getting changed (clothes and diaper) – he literally does an alligator death roll every time we try to change him!, not being able to move




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