Charlotte Mae Turns Three!

Charlotte Mae turns 3!
Charlotte Mae turns 3!

August 4th was a special day for our family of four (six with the dogs). Our spirited, curious, inquisitive Charlotte Mae turned three years old and Axel Sather turned 10 months (he’ll get a separate post about that).

I feel bad that I haven’t been updating the blog much about Charlotte. She is such an amazing little girl and surprises us almost daily. She is the typical toddler. Some days she’s Miss Sassy Pants, as we call her. She tests her boundaries, and ours. She is a great big sister and very doting on her brother (and the dogs!).

Her favorite activity is whatever we’re doing (unless she has the option to watch a movie). Whether we’re cleaning, picking up the yard, cooking . . .  she wants to help. She is into imaginary play. It’s quite entertaining just listening to her stories. She continues to love reading and we try to get to the library as often as possible.

To celebrate her special day we did a drive-in movie themed party. Since she likes movies so much, we thought this was the perfect idea. I made special vegan cupcakes and a special vegan cake for her (which may have fallen over right before the party began ;( ). The kids each got their own “car” complete with tray for snacks, which included popcorn, red vines and juice. We got markers, balloons and streamers for them to decorate their car. They got creative with glow sticks and used them as headlights! Trying to time the movie was hard with little ones since we didn’t want to start too late, but it was too light to use the big screen, so Jed got creative and brought out the TV for the first half. We had a short intermission and continued on the big screen! Charlotte had a wonderful time celebrating with family and friends (and staying up way past her bedtime).


The board says a few of her favorites, but here are many more things she enjoys and likes:

My Little Ponies, The Gruffalo, Room on the Broom, cleaning, monster-hunting, saying Grace at dinner, helping others, eating pancakes (and bread), movies (Frozen, Finding Nemo, UP and The Good Dinosaur), listening to music on her CD player, listening to records (The Four Seasons is her favorite), running, jumping, playgrounds, twirling, refusing to wear anything in her hair, giving hugs and kisses, snuggling in the mornings, picking out her own clothes, and much more.

Next month she starts preschool! I can’t believe we’re already sending her to school, but we think she’s ready. She’s so curious and yearns for more interaction and we think she’ll do great. Of course I’m a wreck about it, mostly because of the nervousness of her food allergies, but I’m also excited to listen to her days and see her grow and learn.

We’ve been blessed these past three years and can’t wait to see how the next ones go!

Happy Birthday, Charlie Mae!


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