Axel Sather: Nine Month Update

IMG_8297Monday, July 4th marked nine months for our sweet, little boy! Axel has been quite the busy little boy this past month. He cut his first tooth right at eight months and now has both his bottom front teeth, and one top tooth with the other about to cut through any minute! He’s learned how to sit up on his own and started crawling this past month. For as much weight as he carries he sure can get around quickly. He does the army crawl, so he drags his belly and uses mostly one arm and one leg. We need to find one of those mop onesies because his shirts are currently cleaning the floors! He especially likes going for the dog’s water dish. He’s smart too. He’ll pretend he’s going for magnets or something else “close by” and then when you’re not paying attention, he’ll go for the water dish. He also loves opening and closing doors.

He’s fast in his walker and is now exploring all the drawers and cupboards in his reach, so we’ve started baby-proofing and put the gate up at the top of our stairs.

He’s a good eater (if you couldn’t tell)! He’s breast-fed and eats both purees and table food. He loves watermelon, crackers, Cheerios, pretty much everything.

He’s babbling a lot more. He says “dada”, not necessarily towards Jed, but just says it generally. He also clucks.

Overall, he’s usually a happy dude, except this past week because of teething. We still do night feedings, but he is able to sleep through the night. We’ll see how he does after cutting these next teeth and getting past the 9-month growth spurt to see if we want to do sleep training with him. We did it with Charlotte at six months and she did great and started sleeping through the night within three days.

He’s pretty much off the charts for growth.

Axel Sather – Nine-Month Update

Birth = 8 lbs., 7 oz.
2 Weeks = 10 lbs. – 88th percentile
2 Months = 15 lbs., 5 oz. –  96th percentile
4 Months = 19 lbs. 2 oz. – 96th percentile
6 Months = 20 lbs. 6 oz. – 90th percentile
9 Months = 23 lbs. 11 oz. – 95th percentile

Birth = 22.25″
2 Weeks = 23″ – >99 percentile
2 Months = 25.1″ – >99 percentile
4 Months = 27″ – 98th percentile
6 Months = 28″ – 93rd percentile
9 Months = 29.8″ – 93rd percentile

Head Circumference:
2 Weeks = 38 cm – 95th percentile
2 Months = 41.1 cm – 95th percentile
4 Months = 43.5 cm – 91st percentile
6 Months = 45 cm – 89th percentile
9 Months – 46.8 cm – 91st percentile


Likes: Music, playing peek-a-boo, crawling, grabbing faces, clapping, putting everything in his mouth, watching Charlotte, water, books, being held, bath time, doing anything with his sister, the dogs, food, dog food (yes, he almost ate a piece of dog food already!), moving in his walker, eating.

Dislikes: Sitting still, being left alone.




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