Axel Sather: Eight Month Update

Axel Sather - Eight Months
Axel Sather – Eight Months

Well, Axel has gone and made a liar out of me. His first tooth has broken through! But it wasn’t there on Saturday, which was when he turned 8 months old. I actually just saw it tonight. It’s a bottom tooth and I never would have guessed because apart from getting over a cold last week, he’s been the same, happy little dude he normally is. He did have a low fever last Thursday, so I’m not sure whether that was attributable to the cold or the tooth. Charlotte had a low fever on Saturday, so I’m thinking illness.

He is definitely on the move more now. He’s not technically crawling, but he is rolling like no ones business and he’s fast! And into everything. He can pull items off our coffee table shelf and anything on the floor is in his domain. He’s been gunning for the dogs and their bed lately. He’s gentle with them for the moment, but they’ll have to stay on guard now. He can scoot backwards, but he mostly rolls, turns and stretches to get what he wants. He also figured out our little car walker, so now he has access to drawers and cupboards and whatever else is in his reach. The word determination doesn’t even begin to describe him.

He sits very well now and is currently trying to figure out how to sit up on his own, which means we’ll need to lower the crib.

He eats. A lot. (If you couldn’t tell)! To give you perspective on his size, he weighs 23.5 lbs. and Charlotte weighs 30 lbs. We haven’t found anything he doesn’t like yet. He never leaves any leftovers. He’s tried pretty much all the general vegetables – carrots, beans, broccoli, peas, squash, sweet potato and a lot of fruits – apple, banana, mango, pear, prunes. I am making some of his food, but it’s harder to find time now with two kiddos and it’s hard to keep up with his appetite. So we do both homemade and organic mixes (veggies and fruit). He’s working on finger foods and is a pro with Cheerios.

He’s starting to mimic more as well, especially with clapping and waving. He’s also found that if he screeches, he’ll get our attention. He’s a little stinker at that. He babbles – nothing coherent or consistent yet. All around he is a very happy baby, but I’m noticing that we’re starting to get to that stage where he knows I’m leaving, which is a little heartbreaking.

Over Memorial Day weekend we were able to get up to Minnesota and see my family and Jed’s brother and fiancée. It was our first family road trip with everyone (dogs came along) and it was a bit crowded, but we had a great time catching up with everyone and getting away for a bit.

Likes: Music, moving, grabbing faces, clapping, singing, putting things in his mouth (everything goes in the mouth!), watching Charlotte, water, books, being held, bath time, doing anything with his sister, the dogs, food.

Dislikes: Sitting still, being left alone



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