Axel Sather: Seven Month Update

Axel Sather: Seven Months
Axel Sather: Seven Months

I was (very) late to post his six-month update and finally I am close to “on time” for this seven-month update, so there hasn’t been too much “new” information to share. To begin, I can say that I had a wonderful Mother’s Day spending time with the kiddos (including breakfast in bed – shared breakfast of course!) and getting some flowers planted in the garden. I still can’t believe how lucky and blessed I am to be the mother of these two funny, smart and amazing kids.

Axel’s next well-check isn’t until his 9-month appointment, so all I can say about his growth is that he is a BIG boy! In fact, he’s almost a man, which makes me sad because I miss snuggling my little boy. Although we do get in some snuggles at night before bed. He’s still in 12 and 18 month clothing . . . for now.

I’m a little surprised that for how squirmy he is, he hasn’t started crawling yet. But that could be the amount of weight he has to carry around with him! He does do pretty good getting around though. He mostly turns and stretches to reach things he wants and when he wants something, he moves fast! He is an expert grabber of all things within reach. He enjoys sitting up but can’t get to that position on his own yet.

He’s great at devouring puffs and really any sort of food we give him. He’s also been drinking water out of a straw sippy cup. Most of it gets in his mouth. I’m happy to say that his hair finally now covers all of his head and is starting to thicken up. Of course it would be our luck that our son gets the thick hair while Charlotte is still sporting the wispy, thin hair. On that note, I did give Charlotte her first at-home hair trim. I’m proud that I didn’t completely ruin it or accidentally take off too much!

Axel is still not sleeping through the night, and just recently has decided he needs to get up more often. Half the time he wakes up because he’s got his foot or leg caught in the crib slats. I’m also surprised they actually fit through there as his legs are the size of little tree trunks!

This coming Friday we will get an ultrasound of his pelvic kidney and then will have a follow-up appointment next week to check and see how it’s growing and make sure there aren’t any concerns.

Now that the weather is getting nicer, we’re trying to enjoy as much time outside as we can. Axel loves watching Charlotte run around and I can tell he can’t wait to chase her. He enjoys riding in the stroller like a big boy and flashing smiles to the neighbors as we walk by.

He’s babbling more and sometimes I feel like I hear a “dada” or “mama”. He’s also learned how to screech, which is not a pleasant sound, but an effective one for garnering attention.

He’s been drooling a lot more, so I think he’s working on some teeth. I can’t feel anything yet, but I’m sure they are around the corner. Charlotte got her first tooth at seven months, so we’ll see.

In all, we’re looking forward to the continued nicer weather and hopefully getting in some trips this summer to the lake and to visit family.

Likes: Music, turning and stretching for items, eating, babbling, watching the dogs and Charlotte, being held, bouncing, stroller rides, being outside, grabbing anything in sight, smiling, playing peek-a-boo, baths, chewing on anything and everything, being read to,

Dislikes: Being left alone or if you walk away from him, sitting still



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