Axel Sather: Six-Month Update

IMG_7811How is my little boy a half a year old already! He’s actually closer to seven months now, but as per usual (and becoming the new norm in our house), I’m late to the party – again.

We are continuing to pass illnesses back and forth, most recently I had come down with laryngitis and had almost completely lost my voice. I believe the family was actually happy for this silence from mommy. I’m now better and almost fully back to normal mom-nagging capacity.

After Axel’s six-month vaccinations, he was down and out and very congested. Thankfully that only lasted a couple of days, but of course it was over a drill weekend when it was mommy vs. the kids. Side note: the kids always win!

Axel’s personality has continued to blossom and all I can say is that we’re going to be in trouble when he’s fully mobile! He will get into everything. He is an active boy. He is not crawling (yet), but he does sort of scoot/turn himself to move. Far enough to get into things! He does sometimes scoot backwards doing this. He can roll, but mostly just chooses to roll to his tummy so he can play with whatever he can get ahold of. I see him eyeing the dogs a lot more, so they will need to be on guard when he starts crawling.

Changing his diaper has become an exercise in arm strength. He is constantly moving his arms and legs and trying to grab everything while we try to keep him still enough to secure his diaper. Don’t even get me started on how long it takes just to try to snap his shirts!

He has started babbling a lot more and seems to be trying to wave. I swear I hear “mama” every once in a while – mostly when he’s crying.

He’s not sleeping through the night (sigh), but he’s been better now that he’s not sick. He usually gets up twice, sometimes three times. Depending on how the next couple of weeks go, we might sleep train. He’s pretty regimented with his schedule.

We’ve tried foods, but he doesn’t seem too interested. Probably because they’ve all been vegetables! But we did recently give him puffs and he enjoys those. It’s quite entertaining to watch him as he tries to get them to his mouth. He gets about 60% in. He is also now sort of using a straw sippy cup. He is actually drinking water, but sometimes he prefers to just spit it back out.

We had a wonderful Easter holiday and Charlotte was a little spoiled with three egg hunts! We all (mostly Mommy) had fun getting everyone dressed up for church and celebrations.

Axel Sather – Six Month Update

Birth = 8 lbs., 7 oz.
2 Weeks = 10 lbs. – 88th percentile
2 Months = 15 lbs., 5 oz. –  96th percentile
4 Months = 19 lbs. 2 oz. – 96th percentile
6 Months = 20 lbs. 6 oz. – 90th percentile

Birth = 22.25″
2 Weeks = 23″ – >99 percentile
2 Months = 25.1″ – >99 percentile
4 Months = 27″ – 98th percentile
6 Months = 28″ – 93rd percentile

Head Circumference:
2 Weeks = 38 cm – 95th percentile
2 Months = 41.1 cm – 95th percentile
4 Months = 43.5 cm – 91st percentile
6 Months = 45 cm – 89th percentile

He is currently wearing 12-month clothing comfortably, but fits in a lot of 18-month clothes as well!

Likes: Attention, jumping, his exersaucer, being held, his sister, the dogs, baths, music, walks in his stroller, being read to, playing on his tummy, turning around, knowing what you’re doing.

Dislikes: Sleeping through the night, being left alone, eating his vegetables, sitting still.



One thought on “Axel Sather: Six-Month Update

  1. thanks for the update, axel is real special and Charlie is a great sister! All of you are in my thoughts and best wishes, Hope to see you all soon! uncle bear.

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