Axel Sather: Five-Month Update

Axel Sather: Five months
Axel Sather: Five months

So I wrote the draft of this post last week. Since I wrote it, Axel has been diagnosed with RSV and an ear infection and Jed also caught the bug. We spent more time at the doctor than anywhere else last week, but with a little one and breathing concerns, you do what you got to do! Luckily, Axel has been a trooper and is getting back to his normal self, babbling and smiling away. He also about gave me a heart attack on Saturday, but instead of giving the gross details, I’ll just say he’s fine and I hope it never happens again.

Anyway, because I’m tired and playing single parent this week and want to go to bed, I’m not going to update the below. We’re all better now and just need to catch up on sleep (p.s. – I’m not a fan of Daylight Savings).

What I wrote last week:

I would like a redo of this past month. For half of the month (and still going), we have been sick. By “we”, I mean Charlotte, Axel and myself. Jed has an iron immune system (thank goodness!). Charlotte and I have mostly gotten over it (apart from minor coughing and runny nose), but Axel’s is still hanging on because he’s too little to expel anything and he’s amazing at eluding the nose bulb.

We took him to the doctor three times in one week just because I kept worrying it was turning into something more serious and he wasn’t getting better. It actually started in his right eye. He woke up with a puffy eye and I immediately thought pink eye. We took him in to urgent care, because of course it happened on a Sunday. They said it was just a virus, not pink eye, and to keep an eye on it (ha!). We did and the next day we took him to our regular pediatrician just to have a look. They said the same, but did give us antibiotic drops to help. During the course of this, I had come down with the virus as well and was miserable. I couldn’t smell or taste anything for a few days and was super congested, my ears hurt . . . you get the picture. I went to multiple doctors and finally got some meds to speed up the healing process. I also couldn’t take my allergy medicine for the week because we had an appointment for Axel to have allergy testing (it would affect the results) since his sister is allergic to about everything under the sun.

Fast forward to today and we’re all getting better, but Axel still has a bad cough and is trying to clear his congestion. The worst is at night as he’s now up at least three times during the night because of it, which means we’re up to. There were many nights that Jed and I had to take turns sleeping with him on our chest to keep him upright for comfort so he could sleep. Of course, we didn’t sleep very well.

I hope we can get him cleared up soon. I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired and there’s nothing worse than a sick baby. Jed is also headed out of town next week for a conference, so I really hope we’re back to normal since I won’t have backup help.

In addition, I mentioned above that we took Axel to have allergy testing done. We did this because we wanted to slowly start introducing purees to him, but with his sister’s food allergies, we didn’t want to find out if he had them the way we found out with her. Better safe than sorry.

He has eczema, like his sister, but his back was clear so we were able to do a skin test. They did the “common 20” allergens – dog, cat, milk, egg, peanut, horse, dust, etc.

He had two reactions – one more than the other – milk and dog. Ugh. I would be lying if I said I shocked. I was kind of expecting it, but hoping he would slide under the radar. Charlotte always spit-up after eating and would be fussy when she was his age and he hasn’t been like that (you can tell he doesn’t spill much!). Apart from the eczema, there really wasn’t any signs like Charlotte.

The skin test only tells you if it’s positive or negative, not “how allergic” they are to the item. After talking with the doctor and knowing the family history, I said I would feel more comfortable also doing the blood work to find out if he’s as bad as Charlotte or maybe more tolerant. So we went and had his blood drawn. It took longer to find a vein than to draw the blood.

We got the results back and he’s definitely not as allergic to milk as Charlotte is, but enough for the doctor to tell us not to directly expose him to it. The doctor said for me to continue eating dairy in my diet because he’s been fine so far. If I was to eliminate dairy and then introduce/expose him later, there would more risk of a worse reaction.

The dog was about what Charlotte is and they said that peanut did show up, but was small enough that he would be a good candidate to do a peanut challenge and possibly work on desensitizing him to it. Apparently the guidelines on peanut allergies and exposure are changing, so they say if you have a negative skin test and are under 1 on the blood work (he was 0.40), that you should start exposing them to peanuts starting around 4-5 months of age. The doctors at our clinic discussed this and said if we wanted to, we could do so with him, but not until he’s able to eat pretty well. So we will need to work on that and then determine if we should go this route. It would mean having to expose him to peanuts weekly, which brings up the worry of cross-contamination with Charlotte who is allergic.

So that’s where we’re at here at the five month mark. I guess February was our “medical month”. Hopefully March goes a little more smoothly.

Apart from being sick, Axel is doing very well. His little (or rather big) personality is shining through more and more each day. He’s found his voice and it’s LOUD! Goodness he knows how to get attention. I think Charlotte has taught him that!

We’ve introduced rice cereal and carrots so far. This kid loves to eat! He grabs the spoon and tries to feed himself. He’s not going to miss many meals and I’m a little worried about how much he’ll eat when he’s a teenager! We’re going to continue to introduce the veggies and some fruits over the next few weeks.

Likes: Smiling, moving, rolling to his tummy, grabbing his toes and our faces, music, being read to, being held, being able to see his surroundings, the exersaucer, bath time, watching Charlotte, playing with his toys (especially plush toys), chewing/gumming toys and fingers, screaming, babbling, food.

Dislikes: Being alone, having his nose cleared, sitting still.



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