Axel Sather: Three-Month Update

Axel Sather: 3 Months

Already three months old! A lot has happened within the last month.

This past month was very busy with the holidays. We hosted Christmas at our new home. My parents, both brothers, my brother’s girlfriend, two uncles and my brother’s dog joined us. So it was a full house, which was fun. We also had Axel’s baptism scheduled for December 26th while my family would be in town to attend. And then of course, the New Year!

Everything started off great. Everyone made it into town Wednesday evening and got settled in. My brothers stayed with us, my parents and uncles at a nearby hotel.

Christmas Eve was filled with fun and it snowed so we got to have a white Christmas! We enjoyed a nice dinner and let Charlotte open her Christmas Eve gift, which usually includes a new book, jammies, an ornament and a small toy – in this case, a small Spiderman plush toy, which she LOVES!

Christmas Day arrived and Charlotte was not quite as excited as I was to see her reaction to Santa bringing her gifts. She wasn’t all that impressed (sigh), but you can’t predict a toddler’s emotions. She warmed up eventually and in the end loved everything she got. My parents and uncles came over, but my Dad wasn’t feeling well. (Side note: About 2 weeks earlier, Charlotte came home from daycare with a stomach bug, that I also had the pleasure of getting).

We spent the morning/afternoon opening gifts and enjoying everyone’s company. My Dad ended up going back to the hotel to rest. One of my uncle’s left that evening to head back home.

The next day was much different. Everyone was sick! Both brothers, my mom, and my brother’s girlfriend (who had to catch an early flight)! It was horrible. Everyone got the stomach bug. This also happened to be the day of Axel’s baptism.

We ended up cancelling the reception at our house (didn’t want to get anyone else sick), but we continued with the baptism. My Dad and other uncle was able to come for it, but everyone else was resting, which was needed. It was great and Axel wore his great-great grandfather’s gown!

So it took a few days for everyone to get better and then we had a small snow storm, which delayed my parents getting home. In the end, it all was fine, but definitely wasn’t what we had planned. It will go down as the Christmas Plague of 2015 and hopefully one that’s not repeated!

Our New Year was much less dramatic. We went to Jed’s sister’s house and made fondue and Charlotte got to play with her cousin (and stay up later than usual!).

We’re looking forward to a less chaotic year and being able to enjoy more time with friends and family making memories.

But I digressed. This is supposed to be Axel’s update.

Axel continues to grow and develop every day. He’s found his hands and loves to grasp items and attempt to bring them to his mouth. He’s getting pretty good at it. He also likes to be upright so he can see everything around him.

Winter has not been great for his skin. The house has been dry and his cheeks have gotten super chapped, which I think we finally have under control. He also has a little eczema, which hopefully isn’t more than just that. I get a little paranoid about food allergies, but he doesn’t spit up much, if at all, unlike Charlotte when she was his age.

He’s a little flirt. He’ll flash you a smile if you give him attention.

We don’t have another well check until next month, but I tried weighing him on the scale with me, and he was about 17 pounds! It sure is a workout holding him as he’s pretty heavy.

Likes: Smiling, his hands, grasping toys, music, being read to, watching Charlotte – or really anything that moves, ceiling fans, being held, moving.

Dislikes: Being left alone, not being able to see (depending on how you’re holding him), trying to hold his hands still.

Next week he will start daycare. It’s hard to believe it’s almost here. He’ll be attending the same in-home that Charlotte goes to, so that will be nice, but I’m still not looking forward to it. I’m sure he’ll like all the activity there though and watching the other kids.

Now for the photo dump:


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