Axel Sather: One & Two Month Update

So I’m off to a great start for his monthly updates! I had started his one month update and then never got around to posting it, so I figured I’d combine them!

These first few months of his life have gone by too quickly (in my opinion), but he is thriving and healthy and we have so much to be thankful for.

Around his one-month milestone, we headed over to Iowa City to get his pelvic kidney checked out by a specialist. We had to go out there as the specialist in Des Moines was moving and wasn’t taking any more patients. Charlotte had a pretty bad cold, so we ended up keeping her out of daycare and taking her along as well, so it was technically our first family road trip!

Potty break on the side of the road!

The trip to Iowa City went well. Charlotte is pretty much potty trained, but for longer trips we have a portable potty (just in case). Luckily she told us she needed to go!

Upon arrival at the office, I took Axel to get an ultrasound and then we headed up to meet with the specialist. They reviewed the photos with us and told us that everything looked to be doing fine. Because of the location of his right kidney, it will always probably be a little smaller than his left (not as much room to grow), but the tissue looked healthy so they didn’t have any concern with it functioning. There are tests to determine functionality, but they stated they didn’t feel we needed to do those because it looked healthy and he hasn’t had any symptoms to be of concern (or any symptoms at all, really). His left kidney, which is located in the correct spot, had some dilation. They said that they wanted to see him at six months to check the dilation in his left kidney and make sure his right kidney is growing with him. Most dilation they stated takes care of itself, so we’ll check up on it again in May.

At the office visit, they weighed him and he was 12.3 lbs. with his diaper!

On December 4th we had his two-month well check. He blew us out of the water in regards to what we thought he weighed. Here’s his stats:

Axel Sather – Two Month Update

Birth = 8 lbs., 7 oz.
2 Weeks = 10 lbs. – 88th percentile
2 Months = 15 lbs., 5 oz. –  96th percentile

Birth = 22.25″
2 Weeks = 23″ – >99 percentile
2 Months = 25.1″ – >99 percentile

Head Circumference:
2 Weeks = 38 cm – 95th percentile
2 Months = 41.1 cm – 95th percentile

He isn’t too far ahead of where Charlotte was as well. They are pretty similar in regards to their development, which I think is interesting.

So, because of his size we’re basically in 6-month clothing for him right now, and because of his torso length, we may need to go to 9 months soon as some things are a little tight in the nether-regions. But I LOVE his rolls. He’s definitely a chunker, which is so cute, except when we’re bathing him and trying to find all the hidden lint.

In regards to his personality, he is pretty chill. He’s a good sleeper. At around 5-6 weeks, he was sleeping through the night. From about 10/10:30 p.m. – 6-7 a.m. The past week he has started waking again for one feeding during the night around 3-4 a.m., but then sleeps until 6:30-7 a.m. SOOO much different than Charlotte.

Likes: Smiling, kicking/moving, watching what’s going on, ceiling fans (he loves them to much he coos to them), his hands (he sucks his thumb if he can find it!), staring at faces, watching Charlotte, music, tummy time, cooing, being laid flat, and finally starting to like pacifiers.

Dislikes: He really only fusses when he’s hungry, has a burp, is overtired or has a dirty diaper.

Most of his hair had fallen out (on it’s own or because of Charlotte “petting” him), but now it’s starting to come in again. It’s lighter than Charlotte’s was.

I’m exclusively breastfeeding and will do that as long as I can. I learned a lot from having Charlotte, so this time around I have a lot more milk stockpiled for when he starts daycare in January.

Charlotte has continued to amaze us at how much she loves her little brother. She gives him lots of kisses and goes to see what’s the matter when he cries. She tries to give him his pacifier and wants to help us with everything – even dirty diapers!

We had a great Thanksgiving and we’re looking forward to Christmas and hosting my family for the first time in our new home!

We hope you all have a wonderful holiday season and a Happy New Year!



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