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Baby Boy: Whatever-Week-It-Is Update

So I missed a few weeks. I wish I would have posted, but I honestly have had NO time. The past few weeks have been so busy and exhausting. We closed on our new house on July 15th and moved in the weekend of July 17th. The two days beforehand I spent late nights getting the kids’ rooms painted. The following Monday was the first day of the big oak tree removal at our old house (it was struck by lightning and was dying).

My parents actually took Charlotte up to their house in MN that week after we moved because it was just chaotic with the tree removal and moving in/moving out. It was a good move as she got some much-needed Grandma/Grandpa time and we got time to focus on the houses. To save some money, we had the tree removal guys take down the tree, but we cut it up/hauled it. Let’s just say this was a BIG job and Jed finished it up tonight (bringing back the last of leftover wood), but it all worked out for the most part. I’m glad people like free firewood as we really didn’t have to haul anything, just what we wanted for the new house.

My younger brother actually stayed with us that week as well to help Jed with the tree and to help me at the house with heavy lifting. It was a HUGE help and we really appreciate all he did (like getting our storage unit emptied).

The week after, we headed up to MN to drop off Kevin and pick-up Charlotte and head up to the lake for a vacation (which we hadn’t had since Christmas). It was important for us to take some time and get away during all this craziness and before baby boy arrives. While it may not have been a truly “relaxing” vacation (is there such a thing with a toddler?), it was fun and we had a good time. We celebrated my and Charlotte’s birthdays up there with my family (they came up about mid-way through the week). We took Charlotte to her first movie (Minions) and she sat through the whole thing. We went swimming in the lake, boating, went to the International Wolf Center (saw wolves on our dirt road, too) and a lot more. My older brother even surprised us and came up with his dog, Brock. So it was a full cabin (7 people, 3 dogs)!

We got back Sunday, August 2nd and since then have been juggling our time between the two houses as we’re getting the old house ready for closing tomorrow! Jed has basically been at the old house every day after work/late. So I’m ready to have him home with us! Oh, in between all of this, Charlotte turned 2! What!!!

So that’s the long and short of why I haven’t posted. Every night is a late night and we’re constantly doing something!

But, I do have updates on baby boy!

Currently: 33 weeks,  1 day

Cravings: Sweets still.

Weight Gain: Enough. I have no idea, but I don’t really want to know. I haven’t weighed in for a while so I have no idea.

Sickness: None.

Sleep: Still sleeping through the night, but it’s harder to get comfortable. Moving back and forth from side to side.

Gender Prediction: 100% boy.

Mood: Excited and tired. I’m looking forward to spending some time getting his room ready now that we’re in the new house. I have some ideas for it if I ever get time to actually work on it.

Symptoms: A little heartburn/reflux. Just depends on how I am laying and when I last ate. He moves a lot, which I love, but he’s head down, so his feet have now found my rib cage and sitting in certain positions is a little more uncomfortable.

Looking Forward To: Closing on our old house so that we don’t have to keep splitting up our time. Jed and I joke that we haven’t really seen each other for a few weeks, which is kind of true because we’re usually at different houses getting things done. We’re also having a small birthday for Charlotte for Jed’s side of the family this Saturday, so it will be nice to catch up with the family and have the cousins over to play.

Maternity Clothes: You betcha!

Other News: I had my follow-up ultrasound last Thursday to check the placement of the placenta. Because I was so far along when they said I had placenta previa, I convinced and prepared myself for needing to have a c-section, which is what they recommend for this because of risks. So I went in thinking that I would be leaving needing to think of which day we would want to meet him. But I was shocked as the placenta moved and I am now cleared to have him naturally! I was so excited to hear this news! I was not expecting it. I am all about whatever is best and safest for the baby and myself, but I was not thrilled about having a c-section as that was not my preferred birth plan. So it all worked out! Great news to end a chaotic few weeks.

During the ultrasound he had the hiccups and they were able to see that he actually has hair! Not sure how much, but we saw a little. He is also head down, so he’s in perfect position! Now we just need to let him have more time to put on weight. He measured 4 lbs. 9 oz. and is in the 54% percentile for size (3 days ahead).

We had Charlotte’s 2-year check-up this past Monday and she is doing awesome. The doctor was impressed with her speech (at least that’s what I took from it). She’s a little chatterbox. She is 35″ tall (79% percentile), 26 lbs., 5 oz. (46% percentile) and her head is 47.5″ cm (50% percentile). So, she is kind of a string bean.

Below is a belated 30-week photo! I have a 33-week picture, but it’s on Jed’s phone, so that will be posted at a later date, along with lots of other photos from “vacation”, birthday, houses, etc.






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