Can We Get A Break, Please!

Today started as a typical Thursday, but definitely did not end as one.

Everything was hunky-dory as I got Charlotte up this morning, we had breakfast, watched a little Curious George and then headed to daycare. I brought her eye drops with her as she has pink eye in her left eye. She’s been doing the drops well enough. I drop her off and head back home to get some work done before my ultrasound appointment.

My appointment was at 10:20 this morning and I got in there and got to see little man again, which is always exciting. The purpose of this ultrasound was to check the location of the placenta based on my ultrasound from last week. He cooperated really well for them to get all his measurements (he’s now 2 lbs. 13 oz.!), but he was good at hiding his face, so we didn’t get to see his profile. They checked his kidneys as well. Everything looked good – his right kidney is his pelvic kidney. The mentioned something about his left kidney (I should have had them write it down) about their being some sort of duplication, but I didn’t really catch it.

Once the ultrasound was done, the doctor came in to give her diagnosis on the placenta. The good news – it’s not what my doctor was worried about last week, which was a blood vessel issue. The not-so-good news – I do have placenta previa and some of the placenta is covering part of my cervix on the left side. So they said they wanted to see my again in 4 weeks to check if it’s moved or not. Seems like it’s a 50/50 chance at this point since I’m already this far along. Honestly, if I went with my gut feeling, I don’t think it’s going to move, but I really hope it does. If it does not move, then the recommendation would be to have a c-section around 36-37 weeks. So we’ll wait some more and see.

After my appointment I went home to continue to work. A little before 1 p.m. I got a call from our daycare provider. She stated that Charlotte had lunch and was outside playing afterwards and that something must have bit or stung her as her check and right eye were swollen. She said she was very uncomfortable and that I should come get her. Luckily I was at home and daycare is close to our current house so I got there within 5 minutes. I walked in and her whole right side of her face was swollen and she was definitely uncomfortable and I could also hear her having a little difficulty breathing. So my plan was to drive her down to the ER, but I was too worried that something would happen en route, so I called 911. Let’s just say I was a little emotional at this moment. The paramedics showed up within a few minutes and we went into the ambulance to have her checked out. They said they thought it was an insect sting – probably a bee or something. They listened to her lungs and said she sounded ok and said I could either take her down to the ER in my car or they could take her, but they were comfortable with her current condition to let me take her if I wanted. I decided to take her since she was calming down. So we get in the car and start out trek to the ER and within a minute she starts throwing up. She threw up twice, so I pulled over and checked on her. She was obviously upset about that, but seemed to feel better getting it out. So I continued to the hospital constantly checking her in my rear view mirror.

Hanging out in the ER
Hanging out in the ER

When we got to the hospital I got her out and took off her shirt that was soaked in vomit and noticed she started getting hives where the vomit had made contact with her skin. Good thing we were at the ER. We got in immediately and started the question/answer segment while they took her vitals. Without knowing exactly what happened to her, the doctor said he believed it to be a bee sting allergy, but it was definitely an allergy with her symptoms – swollen, hives, vomiting, some shortness of breath. So they gave her a shot of epinephrine, an oral steroid, an oral antihistamine, and an albuterol treatment. They also put in an IV for fluids. This poor girl has been poked and prodded way more that I would like and she’s not even 2 yet! But she’s such a trooper with everything. Recovers fast from any needles, takes medicine well and she was even talking to all the nurses and doctors and telling them it was a “Butterfly”.

So they kept us there for 4 hours of observation. The hives went away very quickly with the shot, so that was good. Upon discharge we were given 3 prescriptions and told to have a follow-up with our regular pediatrician tomorrow. We’re also going to need to go back to our allergist and have her tested for bee stings sometime in the next 6 weeks. We also now have more EpiPens, just in case.

Mommy's on the left, Charlie's on the right
Mommy’s on the left, Charlie’s on the right

I can say that when we decided to have a child, I never thought about these possibilities. I thought about asthma, since I have that, but never thought of how much she would take on from our family gene pool. My brothers each have allergies – my older brother and grandfather on my mom’s side to eggs. My younger brother to legumes and bees. The milk allergy is not in the family, so I’m hoping she grows out of that one! So her list has extended to include: milk, eggs, peanuts and now, probably bees.

It would probably be an understatement to say we did not win the health jackpot with her, but there are much worse illnesses and things that can/could be and I am so thankful that these are all manageable things. And with all of these hospital and doctor visits, it amazes me how awesome of a little human being she is. She is such a care-free, inquisitive little girl and takes everything in stride, always cooperating. All the nurses were amazed at how well she did. Hopefully we don’t have to seem them again anytime soon!

Anyway, we got home and rested and ate some dinner and took a bath. She ended her exhausting day in a humorous way (a first), by pooping in the tub. And that was exactly what we all needed at the end of this day – a little humor.

I Spy...Turds!
I Spy…Turds!


P.S. – In addition to all of this craziness, we’re moving into our new house next week (closing on Wednesday)! So we’re trying to get things packed and also get our current house wrapped up, which is going well. The buyer of our house sent her inspection items and we’re moving forward, so hopefully everything else from here on out runs smoothly. At least that’s what I’m praying for. I don’t know how much more I can handle!


6 thoughts on “Can We Get A Break, Please!

  1. I am so sorry you guys are having to deal with this! I am currently at a nurse practitioner conference and got a lot of great info about allergy treatments, especially in kiddos, which made me think of you! One thing that I heard as a possible resource that you may want to start up in Iowa also is this support group:
    Looked good to me 🙂 hope it helps! Good luck, both with the allergies and the move!!

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