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Baby Boy: 24 Week Update

I missed a week. I had every intention of posting, but a lot came up suddenly last week that kept us busy. Charlie got sick (again) and was home for a couple of days. We also bought a house! And got an offer on ours! So we’re in the process of both selling and buying (fingers crossed everything goes well). I’ll post more about this specifically sometime in the near future.

So hopefully this week and the upcoming weeks will be a little less hectic (haha, yeah right!).

Anyways, here is the quick update on Baby Boy.

Currently: 24 weeks, 6 days

Cravings: Sweets still. But not much other than that.

Weight Gain: Not sure. I gained a lot pretty quickly, but I’m hoping I’ve evened out over the last couple of weeks. I’ve been trying to be better about getting out and walking and being active (aka chasing Charlie), so hopefully that is helping.

Sickness: None.

Sleep: Great. I am usually out like a rock, but I always wake up on my back, so I’m trying to keep on my sides.

Gender Prediction: 100% boy.

Mood: Excited and nervous – mostly about the house situations. I just hope everything is able to fall in place. We’re really excited about the new house and having more space for kids and dogs to run free (and for me to escape).

Symptoms: Nothing much. If I’m on my feet a lot or go walking, my feet get sore, but that’s about it.

Looking Forward To: Finalizing the houses and hopefully getting to enjoy summer a little more without having to worry about showings and looking for houses.

Maternity Clothes: Yes. And workout clothes.

Other News: There’s a LOT of other news, so I’ll post about it separately. We did attend the base’s family day last Saturday and it was quite interesting. They had lots of activities including pony rides, bounce houses, balloon animals, face painting, and more. Charlie LOVES bounce houses and was in one when it started to collapse – complete pandemonium. She got out safely. Then she went on her first pony ride. She liked it but decided she didn’t need to stay on the whole ride and bailed halfway through.






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