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Baby Holl #2: 18 Week Update

Here I am again, posting on the last day of the week for my 18-week update. Still no official nickname yet for this baby, but one of my sister-in-laws recommended Baby Appleseed because of my first post with the apple. Below is the update!

Currently: 18 weeks, 6 days.

Cravings: Fruit, specifically oranges. Sweets, like ice cream with whipped cream. Cheese. Spicy foods.

Weight Gain: I had an appointment today and I’ve gained 10 lbs. already. Ugh. Time to start walking a little more and exercising some. Just need a little more motivation.

Sickness: I had a really sore throat yesterday evening and found out I had strep, so I’m on antibiotics, which are helping immensely!

Sleep: Pretty good except for this weekend, but that wasn’t due to the pregnancy. I didn’t get much sleep Saturday night and then last night I didn’t sleep well because Charlotte was up and having trouble sleeping so hopefully I can get more tonight!

Gender Prediction: I predict boy, Jed says girl. We scheduled the anatomy ultrasound for Tuesday, May 19 so hopefully baby cooperates and we can find out! I’ll have to make sure to do a poll next week to see what you all think!

Mood: Meh. The strep combined with a drill weekend was not ideal, but I’m on the mend. We’re still finalizing inspection items on our house so hopefully we have a confirmed sale this week and can then focus on getting everything packed up to move into a rental until we can find something. It’s definitely sad not being able to move right into our new house, but I don’t want to just “settle” because we need something. We’ll make it work.

Symptoms: Some headaches on and off. Yesterday I also had some bad heartburn when I went to bed, so was uncomfortable for a bit.

Looking Forward To: Finding out the gender!

Maternity Clothes: Some maternity tops and still rocking the jeggings. Hopefully I can get away with more athletic clothes and dresses during the warm summer months!

So I guess I should have noted pregnancy brain as a symptom because I definitely am finding myself having that more often. I looked up the size of the baby at 18 weeks and it said “bell pepper”. Whoops. That’s what I did last week! So, I found another source that said sweet potato.

Baby Holl #2 - 18 Weeks
Baby Holl #2 – 18 Weeks

Even though this is a pregnancy update, I thought I would share some recent photos of Charlotte since I haven’t posted any updates about her in a while. She loves to move, be outdoors, climb, go to the park (especially go down the slides) and she LOVES train rides.



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