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Baby Makes Four!

If we’re friends on Facebook or Instagram, you already saw our big news, but I thought it would also be a good idea to update my blog followers!


We’re expecting again!

We are so excited for this news, but it definitely means we need to expedite some things – specifically, finding a new house and selling our current one.

We were planning on moving anyways because we knew we wanted to grow our family, but now it’s a priority. We LOVE our current house and I wish it were just a bit bigger. It has so much character and we really like the location, but we’re starting to spill out of it and honestly, being on a separate floor from children is not what I want, which is what we currently have.

It’s going to be really sad when we move, but hopefully the next house has some of the conveniences I’ve been missing – like a garage that I can actually park in!

We are hoping to list our house in the next few weeks. Timing has not been on our side this year so far. Jed was gone for 6 weeks to Texas for training and when he returned, they informed him he needed to go for additional training in New Mexico for what was originally supposed to be two weeks, but ended up as three weeks because of miscommunication. So he was gone for six weeks, home for barely three weeks and is now gone again for three weeks. Not ideal when you’re trying to get your house ready to put on the market and try to look for houses.

I really hope he doesn’t need to travel again for a long time as he’s been gone for so long over the past almost two years. Plus, as I get bigger, I’m going to need a little more help with our very active toddler.

As far as pregnancy goes, the first trimester was not very pleasant. Jed was gone and Charlie and I were passing illnesses back and forth every week. I was probably a little more susceptible than usual because of the pregnancy. I was also extremely fatigued and had little motivation, which was difficult when you’re a working mom with a husband that’s away. Apart from fatigue, I didn’t really get morning sickness. I got nauseous once, but it didn’t last too long. All my symptoms (apart from getting sick) were pretty similar to when I was pregnant with Charlie.

I’m feeling much better now and have a lot more energy. Hopefully it stays that way because it’s going to be a busy summer/rest of year for us!

Charlie is still a little young to grasp the baby, but when we ask her where the baby is she’ll point to me or my tummy (sometimes her own tummy). I think she is going to be an awesome big sister and she’s already a great little helper (so far)!

It’s a little hard to grasp the idea that we’re having another child. Maybe it’s because it’s still early in the pregnancy or because I’m so preoccupied with everything else in life, but it hasn’t quite hit me yet.

Anyways, that’s all I got for now on the pregnancy. I’ll be doing another post shortly about our update on Charlie and her food allergy since we went to the doctor last week.


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