Round and Round We Go…

So one of my New Years resolutions was to blog more. So here I am, trying to keep somewhat consistent with it.

I wish I had something exciting to tell you or interesting, but honestly, the past few weeks have been pretty tortuous in our household. Jed left on Jan. 6 for additional training down in Texas and ever since he left, Charlie or myself have been sick. And not just a small cold or virus sick, but down and out sick.

The weekend after he left, Charlie started getting sick and ended up with the flu and a 104.7 temp! I felt so bad and she had a rough couple of days. I got her in and they gave her Tamiflu, which worked, but she was really out of it.

Then, about a week and half later or so, I started to lose my voice and then pretty much completely lost it. I ended up with tracheobronchitis. I’m sure the dogs and Charlie were relieved at not having to listen to me for three days, which is about how long it lasted. It was so bad that I had tried to call the doctor to make an appointment and I was pretty much “yelling”, but they hung up because they couldn’t hear me! Luckily, the voice part was really the worst.

Then last weekend, Charlotte started getting some cold symptoms and it triggered her undiagnosed asthma. I say this because she is still too young to be diagnosed, but my mother and I have pretty severe asthma and this was the third incident in about 4-5 months that Charlotte has had “asthma” symptoms such as wheezing, coughing and shortness of breath when she gets sick. So she got a bad cold and then all of a sudden was short of breath and wheezing. We went in and they put her on nebulizer treatments, oral prednisone and then an antibiotic to help with whatever may have started it, which she is still on. Come Wednesday, I started to feel crappy as well so I started an antibiotic to hopefully catch it, which is working, but a little too slow for my liking.

All in all, I cannot wait for Jed to get back (only two more weeks!). It’s so hard trying to take care of someone else when you’re sick and of course, with just the two of us, we keep passing it back and forth because there’s no “back-up” relief to step in and stop this vicious cycle. It doesn’t help either that I have everything else to do, like take care of the dogs, the house, still try to get work done, etc. It also didn’t help that we had about a foot of snow last weekend and Des Moines is NOT anywhere near experienced at snow removal.

On a more positive note, I thought I would give a quick update on Charlotte, apart from all the illness.

She turned 18 months on Feb. 4. We don’t have her well-check until the 23rd because of her vaccination schedule, so I’ll give an update then for her stats. She is picking up on so much and trying to talk a lot more.

She’ll say “Please” and “Thank You” and even say “Bless You” when you sneeze. Cutest thing ever because she won’t even be in the same room and you can hear her say it. She’s close to saying “Book” and “Read” as that is one of her favorite activities, as well as coloring. She would color all day if you sat with her.

She’s a mover. She does not sit still for very long unless you are reading to her. She loves to climb on anything she can manage to get up on. She likes playing with the dogs, sharing her snacks and getting them riled up. She likes when they chase her, which is usually only when she has food in her hand. She’s pretty good at telling you animal sounds – mostly woof, meow, ba ba. She actually snorts for a pig and sort of spits for an elephant.

She’s getting more teeth in. She recently cut her 13th and is about to get her 14th in very soon. She’s been gnawing on her fingers a lot this week (it’s her canines). I need to make her a dentist appointment!

Apart from being sick and teething, her appetite is very good. Although she still doesn’t like banana. Spaghetti is probably one of her favorites, but she’ll eat a whole variety of vegetables, meats and fruits.

Next on our list is getting her scheduled for a follow-up for her milk allergy. They said to come in after a year from diagnosis to see if it’s gotten better or not. They will do a baked milk challenge, which should help them tell if she’ll grow out of it or not. That will probably be sometime in March or April as we went in last March.

And for your viewing pleasure, some recent photos!

And now, I must go to bed as there is no sleeping in for this mama!


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