Life as a Single Parent . . . Again!

As you may or may not know, Jed is back in Texas for training. He left on Jan. 6 and finishes Feb. 20 + some travel days. So I am back to being a single parent for six weeks to a toddler and two fur-children.

The timing on these training courses is always awesome (add hint of sarcasm here)! Of course it’s in the middle of winter (again) during the coldest months (remember that Polar Vortex last year?!). I really wish I would have asked for a remote start for Christmas seeing as we don’t have use of a garage.

I was thinking back to when he was gone for his initial training and wondering how much different it was going to be this time around. The answer: A lot different!

First off, I am working four days a week, which is much more than I was working when he was originally gone. Charlotte is also now a toddler and is 17 months going on 13! She couldn’t walk before so it was easy to sit her in the pack n’ play or on a blanket and not worry about where she would end up. Now she is climbing on couches, chairs, stools and whatever else she can pull herself up onto.

She can (mostly) feed herself, but my meals still tend to be cold by the time I get to them as she needs help getting food onto her utensils or gets frustrated very quickly. But I guess it’s better than having to feed every 3 hours!

While she will play independently, she has recently been VERY clingy to me. To the point that she literally bawls and has tantrums if I don’t pick her up. I seriously hope this is just a phase and part of this new transition, because it is hard to listen to and manage, especially when I’m trying to make dinner. I think it’s been difficult for her because we’re trying to get back into a routine from the holidays and she craves attention and interaction and I’m the only one at home that can give that to her, so she literally demands it. I do think she misses daddy as she says “daddy” a lot and points at his pictures around the house. Breaks my heart, but we FaceTime with him whenever possible.

Of course to make things more interesting, she came down with the flu this past week. I felt so bad for her. She had a temp of 104. 7 at the doctor’s office! Luckily she did not have vomiting or really any other symptoms, but she tested positive for the flu and was given Tamiflu which we ended today.

In addition to being a single parent to a toddler, I have our two fur balls to take care of as well, which has proven difficult as they can be just as demanding. Plus, I’m now in charge of having to give Tank his insulin shots twice a day. He’s pretty good at it, but it makes it difficult in regards to going out as we need to give them to him 12 hours apart (or close to).

We also now have a new neighbor (yay!), but she has a dog, so when they are all outside at the same time, its pure chaos and the most shrill barking you’ve ever heard. Not annoying at all.

I was also all excited to get projects done around the house, but to be honest, by the end of the day, I’m usually exhausted and ready to hit the sack. I definitely do not take for granted all that Jed does when he’s home.

Hopefully the rest of the time Jed is gone is illness-free and joyful! I am definitely counting down the days and dreaming of being able to sleep a little bit more and have an extra pair of hands around again!

I would post some recent photos, but I’m too tired to upload them, so those will come at a later date.





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