And We’re Back!

Happy New Year! Seeing as I mentioned in November that I would start blogging more often and that it’s the New Year and time to make resolutions I figured what better time to get back into the groove!

This year has already started out with a bang, but not in the best sense. I was sick on New Years Eve and day, and the next day, and then Jed was sick after me until Sunday evening. On top of that, Jed had to head back down to San Angelo, TX for an additional six weeks of training. He sure leaves at the most convenient times, like when it’s supposed to be -30 degrees!

The good news? We’re all on the mend and feeling better. I’m actually looking forward to getting back into a routine after the holidays and the craziness and fun that ensued. Check back later for a post about our Christmas vacation.

Back to New Years. I don’t usually make (stick) to resolutions, but I figured it would be good to start making some somewhat attainable goals this year. So without further rambling, I give you my Top 4 Resolutions List of 2015:

1. Read one book a month or 12 books throughout the year (No, I will not be counting the endless books I read every day to Charlotte, although I feel I should get credit for memorizing most of them)

2. Go on more dates with my husband – where we actually leave the house and not just watch movies at home. We do not get out much and this needs to be a priority for us this year as it’s important to grow our relationship together.

3. Keep in better touch with friends and family. We do a pretty good job of this, but there’s always room for improvement. Watch out, you may even get an actual birthday card from me instead of a post on your Facebook wall!

4. Lastly, try to focus on me a little more. This sounds selfish, but if we don’t take care of ourselves, we can’t take care of others. We’ve been good about meal planning and eating healthy (Charlotte’s milk allergy sure helps with that!), but I can be better. I can also try to learn not to stress out so much.

So they aren’t anything extraordinary or difficult, but they are still things to strive towards.

If you’re a resolution-maker, I wish you good luck in your new goals and if not, good luck anyway.

Bring it on, 2015!


One thought on “And We’re Back!

  1. It’s never selfish to make yourself a priority. You have to take care of you before you can take care of others. ❤

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