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An Unlucky Time Of Day

To say it’s been a busy couple of weeks would be an understatement. Not that people have “lucky” times of the day, we definitely have an “unlucky” time of the day, which happens to be 3 a.m.

Last Friday morning I woke up to sounds in our bedroom (which is formally the attic of our house). It sounded like either something fell of my nightstand or small scratches. I heard this same sound twice and woke up Jed to ask if he could hear it, when all of a sudden something fluttered/flapped/flew above our bed!

Like a kid that’s afraid of the boogie man, I immediately dove under the covers while Jed sprung up to see what it was. What was it? A bat! Ugh! So Jed started following it to the best of his 3 a.m. – alertness ability but we lost it. I finally braved it enough to come out from under the covers to help Jed look for it.

Our bedroom is the whole upstairs of our house, so we don’t have a door, which means we didn’t know if it was still up in our room or downstairs (thankfully Charlotte’s room was closed). Jed last saw it near the stairs. So for 45 minutes we looked all over the main level and upstairs. Finally, we said we have to dig deeper and start tearing apart the house as I was not about to go back to bed with a bat in the house. So we started in our little reading nook by the top of the stairs which also happens to be where we put extra bedding and sure enough, wedged between our quilt and wall was the little bat. Jed got a towel and caught it and let it outside!

Fast forward three days and we had a little different experience at 3 a.m.!

We’ve had some big storms and lots of humidity here in the Midwest and we awoke to quite the storm early Monday morning. Lots of thunder and lightening. At around 3 a.m. we had thunder that pretty much shook the house and then the loudest sound I’ve ever heard. Lightening struck a big oak in our backyard (about 20 feet from our house)! I have never seen such a bright light. It happened so fast and everything in our house turned on for about a second. Even our smoke alarm went off! We shot out of bed and of course went down and checked on Charlotte (who woke up very briefly). The dogs were definitely shaken (mostly from the thunder).

So far the damage is as follows (that we know of so far):

– Two broken windows from flying bark

– Our neighbors cars both had damage from flying bark (dents)

– Our garage door doesn’t work now (and there’s no side door to get in and do an override)

– Our modem shorted (which was replaced)

– We had to replace our internet router as that shorted

– Our Apple TV is now dead

– We haven’t checked our basement electronics yet, but I’m worried those may be shot too

But, these are all things that can be replaced and aren’t necessary. The good thing is that we’re all safe because it could have hit the house or started a fire and then we would have had much bigger problems.

We had a tree service come out to check the tree as we’re worried that it isn’t stable anymore and it’s two biggest branches are over the house and garage! They said it’s fine, but we’ll be calling our insurance company back and seeing about getting it removed as that is now a hazard.

So hopefully we don’t have any more 3 a.m. surprises. My heart has had enough this past week!

On that note, we’re also taking our first trip without Charlotte. It’s a belated birthday/early anniversary trip. Charlotte will be staying with Grandma and Grandpa and we’ll be boarding the dogs (for the first time) because of Tank’s diabetes. I’m excited to get away and relax, but I’m also a little sad because this will be the first time I’ll be away from Charlie overnight! Thank goodness for Facetime! And I know she’s going to have a great time (especially now that’s she pretty much walking).

Until next time!


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