The Big 3-0!

This Thursday I’ll be turning 30! That’s weird to me. I don’t feel 30 (but I probably look it!).

A lot of people bring up that this is a big birthday, but honestly, it feels no different to me. I think I can attribute that to the fact that I have an almost one-year-old that I’m so focused on that I sometimes forget about me.

But the idea of age to me has changed. I’m not as worried anymore about what I’ve accomplished by when. But I have spent the last few weeks reflecting on how much has happened in 30 years, and it’s a lot! I think about the days I used to play traveling soccer, graduating high school and college, starting my first job, getting my license. There’s so much I haven’t thought about in a long time.

Even within the last 10 years things have changed dramatically! I graduated college, I moved to Des Moines, I’ve changed jobs multiple times, moved into our first home, took in Tank and Dora, got married, and had a beautiful daughter! And this to me seems like just the beginning!

I also think about some of the hard times, the friends and family we have lost, and how I wish they were here to share moments with us. But I know that’s life and we have to take the bad with the good.

So with this reflection on the last 30 years, I thought it would be fun to make a list (because Jed knows how much I LOVE lists). Check it out!

30 Things I’ve Learned Over The Past 30 Years:

1. Face-planting off lawn chairs is not a good idea

2. Rocks aren’t food

3. Big brother’s will torment you as often as they can, but they’ll always love you

4. Never lie to your parents. They’ll figure it out eventually.

5. Take risks

6. AAA is a great service

7. Trees are for climbing

8. Soak up as much sun as you can (winter’s are rough)

9. Some people shouldn’t be in charge of babysitting

10. Just ask. People’s answers may surprise you.

11. Be careful what you wish for

12. High school is only a short moment in time

13. It’s a good idea to wear pads when you Rollerblade

14. Hobbies are good things to have

15. Little brothers can be annoying, but they’re a lot of fun to have around

16. Vinyl never goes out of style

17. Trust is a hard thing to regain

18. The rides at Chuck E. Cheese are for kids only

19. True friends never leave

20. Dogs are like kids

21. Money is better when earned

22. Move in with someone before you marry them (you’ll learn a lot)

23. Travel as much as you can

24. Your dad will bail you out of jail

25. Try everything once

26. Family might drive you nuts sometimes, but they’ll always be there for you, so spend lots of time with them

27. Everyone needs help at some point

28. Don’t say it, do it

29. Kids are a lot of work, but are totally worth it

30. Nothing is unmanageable

And because most people really just want to see photos, I tried to collect a sampling from the last 30 years. Enjoy!

That’s it. I’m about to turn 30 and my daughter is about to turn 1! Can’t wait.


2 thoughts on “The Big 3-0!

  1. Happy birthday! Love the pictures (especially the one of you reading “Go the Fuck to Sleep” to Charlotte haha). Also, in that picture of your first birthday I see a lot of Charlotte!

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