Charlotte Mae: Eleven Months

IMG_0720Yesterday was exactly 11 months! Only one more month until she’s a year. Where did the time go?! I’m so behind on planning her first birthday, but hopefully I’ll have time while on our vacation (which we are on now!) to get invites out!

As always, we’ve had a lot going on. That’s life. This past month Jed had to travel for work for two weeks (two separate weeks) so that was a bummer as it’s very difficult to get anything done without some extra hands to help with the dogs and Charlotte.

Before he left we got to go to family day at the air base. Now that we have a kid I don’t feel as awkward about going since it’s kid-focused. Most everything was too old for Charlotte, but we did get in a bouncy house for a couple of minutes and also met some superheroes!

We had some misfortunes this past month as well. Charlotte got a staph infection. This was really the first infection she’s had. The doctor said these have been becoming more common, especially in children with eczema because of their dry, patchy skin that can break open. That’s pretty much what happened with Charlotte. It was mainly on her wrist, but small blisters spread on her face and scalp. Poor girl. We got an antibiotic and antibacterial cream for the spots. It cleared up but it’s looking like it may be resurfacing. We’re CONSTANTLY putting lotion and cream on her all day to keep her skin protected, but it can get difficult.

We also had some pretty severe storms and heavy rains and after one of the storms (not during it), a big tree limb fell in our front yard. Thankfully no one was hurt and there wasn’t really any damage, but it was just one more thing that took up unwanted time.

Thankfully it happened the Friday Jed got home from traveling so he could take care of it 🙂


But more about Charlotte, since this is her 11 month update!

She has quite the little (or big) personality. She will now throw temper tantrums (laying face down on the floor). It’s kinda cute and funny since they don’t last long . . . yet. She pulls herself up on EVERYTHING she can and we got her a walker that she uses really well, except for the steering part. Her balance is pretty good, but she hasn’t quite ventured to trying to take steps away from holding onto something. I think she likes going fast so if she wants to get anywhere in a hurry, she’ll do her butt scoot.

She also gets visibly frustrated now (and sometimes quite easily). Not that she didn’t before, but it’s more often now. So if she can’t do something, she’ll wine and throw her hands around. But usually it’s over quickly and we try not to interfere too much so she can learn to do things for herself.

I think I said in last month’s post, but she LOVES to eat. If there is food around, she wants to eat it. I can barely get her meals ready before she realizes what I’m doing and starts whining to be fed. She would probably eat all the time if she could. I’m glad she’s not too picky. She still doesn’t like bananas (we’ve tried a lot) and she didn’t really take to blueberries the other week, but she’ll pretty much eat anything else, which has been nice.

It’s still difficult with her milk protein allergy to make food interesting since so many things have milk in them, but I’ve found a couple of websites that have great non-dairy recipes that I’m going to start trying.

I feel very selfish when I say this, but it’s been hard avoiding dairy and especially cheese since I LOVE cheese. I do it because I know it’s for her benefit and obviously I don’t want her to get sick or have a reaction, but let’s just say that it will be nice when I’m done nursing, which may be soon because I’m not producing as much and barely can pump enough for her three days of daycare. We have started to introduce her to rice milk to help her get a taste for it since that’s what we’ll be transitioning to after her 1st birthday. So we give it to her with her snacks and table food meals.

Her eating schedule is as follows: Breast milk five times a day (7, 10, 1, 4 and 7:30). Breakfast is usually around 7:45-8 and consists of Plain Cheerios or Puffs and fruit. Lunch is usually around noon and is almost always a meat, vegetable, grain and fruit and dinner is the same around 6. We also will have morning and afternoon snacks if she’s hungry, which usually consist of Gerber Graduates Lil’ Crunchies (Garden Tomato) or fruit.

On the subject of food, she’s figured out that the dogs will eat what she drops and she now purposely drops food for them. They are going to get so fat! Well, Dora is because she can see the food. Unfortunately Tank doesn’t get as much because he’s blind from this diabetes.

She has three teeth now. Two bottoms and one top. The top just popped through last week and I’m wondering if the other one isn’t too far behind as she’s been fussy and drooling a lot.

In terms of activity, this girl never stops when she’s awake. She constantly moves and doesn’t sit and play in one spot for long (which is why it’s difficult to get anything done). She loves books, mostly flipping the pages and anything with textures and flaps. We got her some building blocks and she’s really good at mimicking what you do, so she can stack, although she prefers to knock things down. She also loves putting things in and taking them out. She likes to take out her dirty laundry and throw it around. Sometimes she’ll put it back in!

She loves the dogs, as always. So much that she tries to tackle them. She loves wrestling with all her stuffed animals and Jed and I.

She talks a lot. No real words yet, but definitely more conversational tones.

And lastly, I’m excited to say that we are officially on vacation up at our cabin in Northern Minnesota! This is Charlotte’s first time up and I’m so excited to see her experience all these new things – like swimming in the lake, going on the boat and other fun adventures. Hopefully we’ll get a little R&R too! It’s just the three of us (plus Tank and Dora) until Tuesday and then my parents are joining us on Tuesday and my uncle on Wednesday. So it’s going to be a full house, but really fun to have everyone here.

Charlotte Mae – Eleven Months

Likes: Animals, bath time, water, the dogs, blowing out lights (I’ll have to explain in another post!), watching other people (especially kids), eating, walking along furniture, books, drinking with straws, playing with toys or anything really, going for walks, making faces, talking, whining, smiling

Dislikes: Getting her diaper changed and being told “no”

Clothes: Still in 9-12 month, but mostly 12 month. Diaper size is 3, but we had to move her up to size 4 overnite diapers at night because she started having more blowouts at night. One particular morning I got to walk into a literal S&*% storm. She had blown out and there was bits on her floor, the crib, the sheets were covered and some even got between crib and wall. It was one of our worst moments to date. I felt so bad for her, but she was fine apart from being mad that I had to change and clean her up before feeding her. So, that is why we are now in bigger diapers at night and so far (knock on wood), it’s been working!

Looking Forward To: Her first birthday! I can’t wait to see her dig into her smash cake and blow out her candle (which I think she may be able to do!).

And a look at the last 11 months!

And on a completely different note (and will be a different post), my 30th birthday is this month! Oh, boy.


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