Charlotte Mae: Ten Months

Ten Months
Ten Months

Another month old and only two months shy of a year! That’s crazy to me.

May was a super busy, but fun month. We had Charlotte’s baptism, Mother’s Day, Birthday’s (3 of them), two graduations, a wedding reception, and a work anniversary party. So there was lots of activity for Charlotte and time with friends and family. We also had some unplanned events including Jed having an allergic reaction to who know’s what that caused his eyes to swell up so bad that he could hardly see! That put him out for a few days and while I’m very happy he is better and it wasn’t worse, I wish we knew what it was! Sadly our boy dog, Tank, has gone almost completely blind from cataracts, a symptom of his diabetes. We are now up to two insulin shots a day with him and while I feel bad about his eyesight, he hasn’t been suffering as he still hangs out with us and has his usual energy. Hopefully Dora can be a better litter mate and help him instead of taunt him.

That was our May. Oh wait, we also put in sod so that we now have a usable backyard! Yay! Ok, THAT was our May!

Now on to our update. I know these kiddos change every month, but for some reason she really grew up this past month and is no longer a baby, but a little girl.

She has started standing up (on everything she can!) and has even begun walking alongside furniture like her crib, the coffee table, chairs, etc. Her balance is getting better every day so it’s only a matter of time before she’s off running. Her main mode of transportation is still the butt scoot. The only thing that really scares me at this moment is that she has already succeeded in climbing a stair and getting to the gate on our staircase. Because of how our staircase is the baby gate is at the back of the second stair up so she likes to climb on the first step and grab onto the gate. It scares me as I don’t want her to fall backwards. She’s slowing learning to back-up slowly and carefully.

She still only has one lonely, very sharp tooth, but that does not stop her from eating finger foods. In fact, she puts up a pretty good fight anytime we try to feed her purees so we’ve started to exclusively give her finger foods at meals. Of course I have a lot of purees still frozen that I’ll be sending to daycare, but I probably won’t be making much more in the food processor. She loves everything – vegetables, fruit, meats, sauces, etc. The only thing she is not a fan of is bananas (the easiest food to feed of course!). But otherwise she shovels everything in and loves it. She is still breastfed, so she gets that 5 times a day and then three table meals and snacks.

Another milestone she’s hit is pointing. She now points at what she wants, especially food.

She loves to talk and babble. She talks a lot more and is becoming more expressive.

She also enjoys tackling things, mainly mommy, daddy and the dogs. She will lift up and throw all her weight forward onto us or a pillow. She has no fear!

Charlotte Mae – Ten Months

Likes: She loves water – so bath time is a favorite of hers. The dogs (and their feet), food (finger foods, not purees), watching people, especially children, she absolutely LOVES peek-a-boo and will giggle a lot when playing, walking along furniture, standing, the outdoors, her magnet board, stuffed animals, balls, climbing, figuring things out, putting things in and taking them out, hugs.

Dislikes: Getting her diaper changed, changing her clothes, being left alone, having her nose wiped, having lotion put on her face. She definitely has some separation anxiety, but if you distract her it doesn’t last long.

Clothes: Mostly 9 – 12 month clothing.

Looking Forward To: We’re going to take a family vacation up to the cabin for the 4th of July and I am so excited to take her up there to experience the lake, swimming (or floating in her case), boat rides and lots of relaxation and the great outdoors.


And a little recap. It’s amazing to see her changes in the pictures!



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