Mayhem in May (In The Best Possible Way)!

This month is crazy busy! I guess this is what life is going to continue to be like. And I’m (mostly) okay with that.

We’re only halfway through the month, but we’ve been busy around here.

Jed has now been home for almost two weeks! Woo hoo. We’re still figuring out schedules, and while it’s still not ideal, we’re working through it.

This past weekend was Charlotte’s baptism (on Saturday) and Mother’s Day! We waited to baptize her since Jed was gone and didn’t want to rush and try to squeeze it in when he was back for short vacations. This was perfect time as we were also able to celebrate Mother’s Day with my mom as well! We had a bit of a mini family reunion on my mom’s side of the family as both her sister and brother (my Aunt and Uncle) and one of my cousin’s were able to attend. My older brother also found time during his crazy busy schedule to come. We feel so blessed to have family that is so supportive and involved. We also had family from in town attend and of course, Charlotte’s godparents!

It was a wonderful day all around. She did great during the service, which we were worried about since she hadn’t taken a nap!

We decided to stay at the hotel where we had the reception so that we didn’t have to worry about going back and forth with bedtime and such, and that way we would be able to have brunch with my family on Sunday before my brother and cousin had to leave. What was funny was when we got to our room Saturday evening there was a bottle of champagne and chocolates for us. I thought maybe someone ordered them for us, but no one did and the card said “Happy Birthday”. Jed’s birthday is in January and mine is in July, so that was a fun surprise!

Nice surprise
Nice surprise

On Sunday, we hung out at the hotel with my family, had brunch, and celebrated Mother’s Day. We took Charlotte swimming (or floating) for the first time at the hotel. She had a good time and enjoyed watching us swim. Towards the end she started splashing around like she does in the bath tub.

And to make things even more interesting, we found out that one of our dogs, Tank, has diabetes. We noticed he started losing a lot of weight and drank water (and subsequently peed) like crazy! We took them in for their regular check-up once Jed got back and they did blood work and confirmed its diabetes. So we now have to give him daily insulin shots. We go back for a check-up next Monday to see if he needs to be put on prescription food or not. I really hope not! He’s doing better now apart from the vet wanting him to gain a little weight back. If only we could take some of Dora’s weight off and give it to Tank as she definitely needs to lose some chunk!

Diabetes medicine
Diabetes medicine

So that’s been our past week. We’re looking forward to this weekend which has more fun activities including a birthday, wedding reception and graduation!



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