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A Long Road

My Loves!
My Loves!

It’s been a very long road, but we’re almost to our final destination. After being away for about 8.5 months, Jed is finally going to be home from training. Yes, he’s been back here and there for short holidays and for a little while between his Texas and Omaha time, but we haven’t been together, in our house as a family of three, for more than 2.5 weeks at a time since Charlotte was born. That’s crazy to think about! It’s definitely felt like a lot longer, especially when I see how much Charlotte has changed and grown.

But this Thursday that’s all going to change. He’ll be back home.

While I wish he wouldn’t have had to be away, we don’t regret doing it this way. We both knew that it was the best time to do it because it would only be harder as she got older. I’m not going to lie, I was seriously scared when he left because I had never taken care of a baby apart from babysitting (when I was a lot younger!).

But it made me a stronger person, having to learn it all on my own. I’ve always been pretty independent, but this was a challenge I never thought I would have to face. And I’m glad to say we all made it through just fine. Yes, there were times when my strength was tested, but I had a lot of support from Jed and my family. It’s amazing what a quick call to a loved one can do for a mood change.

It would have been a lot harder if he had to leave now because I would have been used to having help. Since he left so soon after she was born, I had to learn to do it all myself and now I know that I CAN do it all by myself (although I always welcome the help).

After this experience, I have a much deeper appreciation for single parents as well as all the other families whose loved ones serve our country and have to be away for long periods of time. Or anyone that has to be away from their family for long periods of time.

So what I am looking forward to most about Jed being back? Everything. But here’s a few that I’m excited for:

1. Being able to go on a date with my husband.

2. Being able to go out and run errands after she’s asleep, or whenever I need to (for the most part)!

3. Being able to see Jed and Charlotte together and bonding. It’s been nice that he’s home on weekends when in Omaha, but it’s so short and they have a lot to catch up on!

4. Being able to eat at regular times! I usually don’t eat until she’s down because she is demanding with her attention. Sometimes I can get away with it, but it will be nice to eat dinner as a family.

5. Being able to go on a family vacation where we leave and come back together!

In addition to being super excited for Jed to be back home, Charlotte has been changing like crazy this past week, including getting her first tooth! It’s just broken through and she won’t let us get a good look, but it’s there. So I’ll have a lot to write about next weekend for her 9 month update!





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