Charlotte Mae: Eight Months

Eight Months
Eight Months

Oh my goodness! Another month old. This little girl definitely has a personality all her own and isn’t afraid to show it. This past month was a busy one on all accounts. Starting a new daycare, having an allergic reaction, crawling non-stop, trying to pull herself up, saying “words” . . . and on and on.

So here’s the “short” recap of the past month in our household:

1. Started a new daycare. I am very happy with this decision. I know Charlotte is having a great time by her mood and how she gets excited to see her caregiver and the other kids – and her cousin! From reports from her caregiver, she LOVES Charlotte and says she’s such an easy-going baby, but very active. Sounds about right. She loves “school time” when they sing and go over letters and numbers. She loves cuddles, but also to move around.

2. We found out this past month that Charlotte is allergic to milk (the milk protein). So I cut out dairy from my diet (ugh) and we now make sure to read labels and make sure nothing we give her has milk or other forms of the protein in it. We also now have EpiPens in case of an emergency. While this obviously isn’t ideal, I’m glad we know this and can avoid any bad situations. Hopefully she outgrows it, which they say could be by the time she starts school. Fingers crossed! When she turns one year old, we’ll go in to test soy and rice milk so that we can start her on one of those. So in the meantime, I am breastfeeding and we do have a special formula as back-up that she can take. Eliminating dairy from my diet has helped with her eczema though. She still has it, but it doesn’t flare up as much or as bad, so that’s also good to know.

3. Crawling. Oh my gosh. Don’t get me wrong, I am glad that she is able to get around, but I could use a break every now and then. She doesn’t stop! She still won’t pick her belly up and she really only uses one arm and one leg, but she gets around fast in her army-style crawl. And her new thing is attempting to pull herself up. She’ll grab something and sit on her knees and bounce. She also really likes to climb over legs. She would probably do well in an obstacle course. So yeah, we’ve got that going on now.

4. She’s been babbling for a few months now, but in the past month she has started saying “Da-Da” (which Jed is thrilled about) and this last week she started saying “Ba-Ba”. I keep telling Jed she’s trying to say “Dog” because she absolutely LOVES animals. Of course he’s not buying it.

5. She loves to eat and actually gets mad if you don’t make her enough food and have to make more. If she’s not done and I walk away to get more, she gets very upset. So far she’s had the following: Green beans, peas, carrots, butternut squash, apples, pears, mango, banana, one-pot chicken (chicken, carrots, leek and chicken broth), sweet potatoes, yams, broccoli and BBQ beef. And she loves it all, especially the BBQ beef, which was a recipe we made last weekend and we put in the food processor for her to try. We’ve also started Puffs and she’s getting pretty good at getting them into her mouth. No teeth yet, so right now we’re just gumming things.

Charlotte Mae – Eight Months

Likes: Food, purses, shoes, animals, talking, banging things on her high chair, crawling, climbing, singing, bath time, going for walks, watching people, b0oks, phones, iPads, anything electronic, music and toys.

Dislikes: Hats, being left alone, having lotion put on her face, aspirator to clear out her nose, kleenex (unless she’s ripping it up and trying to eat it).

Clothes: She mostly wears 9-month clothing with a few 6-month and a few 12-month items sprinkled in. She’s long and will probably have her daddy’s height, which is good with me.

She also now has “favorite” toys. She’ll play with just about anything, but there are certain ones she always grabs, which include a pink puppy teether, a small shamu stuffed animal we got at SeaWorld, a small purse my mom gave her, a silver rattle she likes to bang on her high chair and the shaped blocks you put in the bucket.

Her favorite right now:

Pink Puppy Teether
Pink Puppy Teether


Photos from the past month:

And this photo cracks me up. We went out to a favorite BBQ restaurant near our home – Jethro’s – and while it looks like I’m mad or ignoring her, I wasn’t. It makes me laugh because we have such different expressions. And she looks a little crazy. But that’s probably because it was her first time in a high chair out at a restaurant.

First time in a highchair at a restaurant.
First time in a high chair at a restaurant.


And last, but not least, the last eight months.

P.S. – This is the LAST month that Jed is at training! So no more single parenting starting in May! I cannot explain how excited I am about this. It’s been way too long and I can’t wait to have some semblance of a “normal” routine and be able to start doing more things as a whole family.


2 thoughts on “Charlotte Mae: Eight Months

  1. I still love reading your updates! You can really see her personality even in the pictures! Such a sweet little girl with just a bit of fire. Awesome.

    Coyer is obsessed with my shoes too! I usually have him in the closet with me while I get dressed for work. The high heels are his favorite… and I have to watch close because he really wants to chew on them. LOL, and I thought I only had to worry about that with the dog.

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