Charlotte Mae: Seven Months

DSCN0391If I could have one wish for this upcoming month, it would be that the weather will get nice enough to be able to go outside without the fear of freezing. I am SO sick of this winter (as I’m sure most of the Northern Hemisphere is). It’s supposed to be nice the rest of the week, even though we’re getting snow on Wednesday.

Anyway, Miss Charlotte Mae is seven months old! Craziness. She wants to move non-stop, which is why I would like it to get nicer out so we can get some fresh air and enjoy some new scenery. She almost always plays sitting up, unless she’s trying to reach for a toy. She can crawl if the toy or object is intriguing enough, which is usually something she’s not supposed to have like a cord or a phone. Figures. She does the army crawl. I need to get it on video. Once she does start going, she’s pretty quick. She mostly wants to just watch and play with the dogs, which has been a bit difficult as they have a bad backyard behavior we’re trying to work on.

She is also talking/signing/babbling a lot more. I feel like she’s actually trying to tell us things now versus just talking to hear the sounds. It’s pretty funny. When we Facetime my parents, she’ll start talking away to them.

We’re trying new foods. Her favorites are vegetables, so far winning the race are green beans and carrots. She’s still not a huge fan of the fruits except for bananas. I also started making her baby food, which could easily turn into an addiction. I’ve only made peas, carrots and apples thus far, but I’m planning on much, much more. There’s a couple of reasons I decided to do this:

1. It is super cheap! For example, I bought two bags of frozen peas for $0.88/each and it came out to 42 servings. That’s about $0.04/serving. At the store, most foods are between $0.99 – $1.50/serving. I don’t feel so bad if she doesn’t eat everything at $0.04/serving! And this way I can give her organic foods and still save money.

2. It is super easy. The only items I bought were freezer trays and a set of new peelers. All you need is a steamer or pans and food processor or food mill. We have a large food processor that we use and it seriously only takes about 20 minutes from start to finish depending on the food you’re cooking.

3. I know what’s in it. Not that there’s really anything different in some foods, but I get to pick the food out and know exactly what I’m feeding her.

I bought this book, Top 100 Baby Purees and really like the simplicity of it.

No sign of teeth yet, although I keep thinking she’s teething. They will probably pop through when I least expect it.

This last week marked her first really bad cold. She’s still getting over it and has a runny nose, congestion and a small cough, but her cough was getting so bad we took her into urgent care last Saturday night because we wanted to make sure it wasn’t turning into something else. Thankfully it wasn’t, just a bad cold. On Friday I had the pleasure of her first, real throw up. I’m talking emptying her stomach amount of throw up. Of course it was all over herself, myself and the floor. Thank goodness it was on the hardwood and not the rugs. Poor thing. I felt so bad because all she wanted was to be held, which we did after we got cleaned up. I’m pretty sure it was from everything draining into her stomach with the cold.

Because of the cold her nap schedule was really out of whack. We’re starting to get back into napping. But she also started getting up really early again – like 4-5 a.m. early. Ugh.

We also made the decision last week to switch daycares.

Although this new daycare is more expensive, I’m really excited about it because it has that structure/schedule we were looking for (she actually teaches things like numbers, letters, Spanish, etc.). The provider is originally from Honduras where she was a teacher. She worked at a daycare center here and then started her own in-home. She’s super close to our house PLUS one of Charlotte’s cousin’s goes there, so she’ll have family to hang out and play with. We’ll be starting there in two weeks.

Likes: Talking, sitting, playing, the dogs (she LOVES the dogs), phones and iPads, being pushed around in her little car (she likes to go fast), stuffed animals/dolls, bath time, eating, music, facing out when you hold her, books and reading, anything she’s not supposed to have. She loves my hair and trying to eat it.

She is all girl – she LOVES shoes, especially her patent leather ones that Grandma got her.

Dislikes: Having her nose wiped or lotion put on her face (pretty much anything near her face), sleeping in, sitting still, facing in when you hold her – she wants to see the world. Getting dressed has become quite difficult because she moves so much, so she’s not a fan. Trying to dress her should be considered an olympic sport. She’s definitely attached to me, to the point that she cries when I leave the room or walk away. Makes it a little difficult to get things done during the day.

And lastly, a look back at the past seven months.


3 thoughts on “Charlotte Mae: Seven Months

  1. I have a girlfriend that lives in Des Moines, and yesterday she sent me an email asking all kinds of questions about living in Arizona. So basically, the weather has been so miserable that she and her husband are seriously considering moving! I’m so sorry for all of you back in the midwest… it’s been a rough one.

    Coyer is also totally obsessed with the dog. I’m almost completely certain his first word will be either “Marley” or “Puppy”. We have the same problem with bad outdoor behaviors… he’s just a big dog and isn’t very good at being gentle around Coyer 100% of the time. He’s usually pretty good, but there are still times that make me a little nervous.

    Glad to hear Charlotte is feeling better from her cold! Hopefully the new daycare will work out well for you too. 🙂

    1. Haha. I think everyone here wants to move! It’s definitely been a long, rough winter. There’s something about kids and animals. I’m sure Charlotte will be saying their names before “mama” and “papa”.

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