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Positive Perspective

So as you may or may not know, Jed finished his training in Texas and drove through a crazy winter squall (yes, that’s what they called it) to come home last Thursday night. So come this evening, he will have been home for a whole week!

It’s been great, and a little crazy, having him home. The crazy part is just figuring out who’s doing what and when.

We know that he will have additional training and the word on the street was always mid-February (Feb. 10 to be exact). This was never confirmed, but always discussed. Not great, but okay – we can deal with that and plan around it. Well, Jed came home last night after work (with flowers) and then asked if I wanted to hear the good news or bad news first. Uh-oh!

Here was our conversation:

J: “Do you want to hear the good news or bad news first?”
K: “The bad news so that we can end on a good note.”
J: “Well, it makes more sense if I tell you the good news first.”
K: “Then why did you ask?” – Okay, I didn’t actually say this, but I was thinking it.
K: “Ok. What’s the good news.”
J: “I’m not going to Omaha on Feb. 10. I’m going on Feb. 3.”
K: “How is any of that good news?”
J: “It’s not.”

Thank you, Jed. You really know how to soften the blow 😉 And yes, this is payback for that little trick.

Regardless, it’s not his fault (nor am I upset with him) as this is all out of his control. I was just hoping that they would be a little more considerate that people have been away from their families for so long and would give them a little more time before needing to leave again.

Granted, he is going to Omaha, which is only a few hours from here, but it’s still going to be 2-3 months of craziness and single-parenting.

So now that I am done complaining (which I only usually do to Jed, lucky him), I want to say that even though this is not “ideal”, I am truly thankful that I have a husband who cares and understands this isn’t easy, that he’s not overseas where he could be in harm’s way, that I have a great family that is ready to support us, and that it is for a limited time.

I need to just keep looking at the positive side. The things I wanted to do will just have to wait and hopefully we will get child care figured out before Jed leaves so that I can have a little bit of relief while he is away.

Rant done.

Now, on to what we’ve been up to since Jed’s been home.

Last Saturday was his birthday (I’ll be nice and not disclose his age). January is a big birthday month in his family so we decided to combine everyone’s birthday and celebrate on one day with LOTS of cake. We did that on Sunday with his family. We celebrated four birthdays: Jed’s, two of his sister’s and his brother-in-law.

We also celebrated at home and I spent pretty much all day Saturday baking and cooking.

Jed wanted a chocolate cake. Challenge accepted. I bought cake mix (I didn’t have THAT much time). I made a two-layer chocolate cake and mixed raspberry preserve with whipped cream for the filling. Then I topped off with malted milk balls and some fresh raspberries. It was awesome and super moist. So much so that it started falling apart the next day when we brought it over to the party. Good thing it doesn’t need to look good to taste good!

Chocolate cake
Chocolate cake

I also made dinner. We live in Iowa, so bacon is a must. Did a little surf and turf with bacon-wrapped scallops, filet mignon, asparagus and some wild rice/quinoa mix. Wine was a must as well.

Fancy dinner. Surf and turf.
Fancy dinner. Surf and turf.

There was a lot of cake on Sunday at the party and my mom sent us this crazy candle to use which was a big hit. It sings the Happy Birthday song and then opens up. There was maybe a moment that we thought it might burn the house down.

Crazy candle.
Crazy candle.

Charlotte is doing great. She is back to one night feeding (most nights). I feel like I keep saying “she’s teething”, but nothing has sprouted yet. My guess is that it will be in the next month. She’s doing a lot better with her rice cereal (actually eating all of it), so I am sure at our next appointment they will mention to start giving her other puree’s.

She is still constantly moving and I think she will be crawling soon, which I’m excited and nervous for since we’re not quite baby-proofed. She’s also talking a lot more.

Her new trick. Snorting.

It is pretty funny.

So that’s been our past week. Now we’re prepping for more cold weather.

I’m a little (okay, a lot) over winter. I’m good with snow, but this cold is horrible and makes it hard for us to go and do anything. I can’t wait for spring to go take walks outside again!

At least I have great company when we’re holed up inside :)!

Silly girl.
Silly girl.

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