We Survived The Polar Vortex

In case you’ve been living under a rock, it’s been cold here in the U.S. of A.

Monday was the coldest day here in Des Moines hitting temperatures of -14 without windchill. With windchill, it felt like -36. Awesome. Good thing we left Minnesota when we did because it was a lot colder there!

All I can say is that we are thankful for a roof over our heads and a working furnace, fireplace and space heater. All of which were used (mostly because our furnace wasn’t keeping up with these frigid temps).

Luckily we didn’t have anywhere to be (and even if we did, I wouldn’t have gone). We stayed in and just kept warm and played.

Thank goodness for the awesome knit onesie grandma and grandpa got Charlotte for Christmas as that was nice and cozy for the cold weather.

Keeping warm!
Keeping warm!

So I had to do a little MacGyver-style thinking as our mail slot is in our door and doesn’t close all the way, hence letting in the frigid cold air. Totally energy-efficient, I know! So I did the following with a little duct tape and a plastic bag. I was pretty proud of myself. As a bonus, Tank wasn’t able to attack the mail since it fell in the bag!

Keeping the cold air out - MacGyver-style.
Keeping the cold air out – MacGyver-style.

In Other News . . .

I’ve been searching for child care now for a while for Charlotte as I would like to have a more regular work schedule. Currently, I am only able to work during her naps and after she’s in bed, so it’s a little hard to get things done and since it’s just me, I also have to do the cleaning, cooking, etc. So it’s time we look. It will also be good for her for socialization as I’m sure she is bored with our house and playing with mommy all the time. And since Jed will have additional training, I need to know that I’ll have time during the day to run errands, etc. and not have to worry about finding a sitter.

But it’s hard. For a few reasons:

1. I’m looking for part-time and most people are full-time or only take older kids.

2. I’m looking for something relatively close to us as I don’t want to drive halfway across town.

3. I don’t like the thought of leaving my child with someone else.

4. I’m picky. But it’s my child, so I think I deserve the right to be. I’m particular about the person, the house, the center, everything. Granted, I have only gone to see one place so far, but I know I’ll be picky with everything.

We’re open to everything from a nanny to an in-home to a center, but it’s just trying to find the right one. One that Charlotte will thrive in and one that we’re comfortable with.

So apart from the extreme weather and child care hunt, we’ve been pretty low-key the past week or so. I’m excited it’s going to warm up a bit so we can go outside as I think we both have a little cabin fever going on. I think it’s time to use the snow suit again and play in the snow this weekend!

Time to go. I hear someone waking up from her nap!


6 thoughts on “We Survived The Polar Vortex

  1. Child care is a pain. I hope you find the right place soon.
    Oh, my. I’ve been really cold this week at 23 degrees/17 after wind chill. Glad you didn’t have anywhere to go! 🙂

  2. We are looking for daycares as well- and goodness is it hard! Being picky only means you want your baby taken care of. 🙂 Good luck with the search!

  3. Good luck finding childcare!! It’s OK to be picky…leaving your child is hard!! So much trust to leave her with someone. I haven’t really left Winter yet, but I know eventually I will need a night out for Eric and I. I hope you find something that is workable for you and someone who is fantastic with Charlotte:)

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