Charlotte Mae: Five Months

Charlotte Mae - 5 Months
Charlotte Mae – 5 Months

It is truly amazing how fast babies grow and how quickly they learn! Charlotte is five months old today and I don’t know where the time has gone.

She pretty much refuses to sit still unless she’s sleeping. As you can read on the chalkboard, this girl LOVES to roll! She rolled for the first time from her stomach to her back when we were in Texas back in October. She only did it a couple of times – nothing consistent. Then, on December 5th, she rolled from her back to her stomach twice. Then she did it again the next day (twice, again) and ever since has continued to roll more and more. At first she only rolled to her right, but now she rolls every which way from Sunday and can roll clear across the room. So it looks like we’ll have to start baby-proofing soon. Within the past couple of days, I’ve noticed that she will move all her limbs at once so I can tell she wants to crawl, but just doesn’t have the mechanics down yet. She definitely has the strength. So watch out world, Charlotte is on the move!

She is also now a stomach sleeper. I always put her to sleep on her back, but she immediately rolls to her stomach and sticks her butt in the air. It’s seriously the cutest thing in the world.

And we’ve traded in sleeping well at night for sleeping well during the day. I guess we can’t have both. Actually, I think it will get better, it’s just been a little off with the holidays and traveling. We went back to two night feedings, so I’m hoping it’s the off-schedule and maybe a growth spurt. Guess we’ll find out within the next week. She has started to take better naps though, which has been nice. The key there was really watching her to see how long she could stay up before she got tired and making sure to put her down at those early signs of tiredness. So it’s not the same time everyday, since she doesn’t always get up at the same time. It’s more of the time in-between naps that I watch for rather than what time of day.

We also started rice cereal this past month. We waited until Jed was home so he could see her reactions. She wasn’t thrilled with it. She mostly just wanted the spoon. She’s getting better at keeping it in her mouth now. We only try it once a day and it does not replace a feeding. I also stopped giving her the reflux medicine in early December and she hasn’t had any problems, which is really great.

Apart from rolling, she is also grabbing at everything! She was grabbing things at four months, but now she notices EVERYTHING around her and wants to grab it. My coffee cup, my food, my hair, any and all toys, books, you name it, she’ll grab it. She also now reaches out for people to pick her up.

She is now a little more cautious around people initially. She just needs a little more time to warm up to people, but once she does, she is all smiles.

She’s starting to learn to sit up better and I’m hoping she’ll hold off on teething for a little while. She definitely drools a lot, but no sign of teeth yet (knock on wood).

So at five months:

Likes: Moving, chewing, rolling, making faces, making bubbles, laughing, sleeping on her stomach, pacifiers, playing in her exersaucer and jumper, bath time, taking off her socks and chewing on them, sucking on her toes and fingers.

Dislikes: Sitting still, being startled, getting her nose cleaned out.

Since most of her 4-month photos were on my last blog post, I’ll leave you with a little something better.

On New Year’s Eve we went over to one of Jed’s sister’s house and caught this gem on video. Charlotte really liked watching her cousin.

And finally, a little recap in photos.


8 thoughts on “Charlotte Mae: Five Months

    1. Thank you. It is definitely something. I laugh every time I watch it!

      P.S. – I loved your post about getting back to yourself. I feel like I’ve been a different version of me for a while and can’t wait to be able to get back into the groove of things.

  1. WOW! I haven’t been by in a while and I can’t believe she’s been here for five months already (I’m sure you can’t either!)! I remember catching your posts in the summer time and watching her grow in your belly! So fun!

  2. Aww… I smiled when I read that Charlotte is now reaching out to be held. I can’t wait for Coyer to do that! And I definitely think that bright coral is her color. Such a beautiful baby girl!

    1. Thank you! Yes, I love that color on her. I am sure Coyer will be doing that soon enough. I see that he’s into his toes now! So funny when they start realizing new things. You can see them thinking about it, trying to figure it out.

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