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A Very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

It has been quite a while since I posted last and a lot has happened! So bear with me as this post may be a little on the lengthy side.

Jed got back into town EARLY on Saturday, Dec. 21st. Like 4 a.m. early as he drove straight through the night from Texas. He drove through an ice storm and his truck looked like it was dug out of a glacier. We spent most of Saturday hanging out and getting things ready to go up to Minnesota for Christmas.

We headed up to Minnesota on Sunday afternoon. Charlotte hadn’t seen her grandparents (apart from on Facetime) since September! They were surprised at how big she’s gotten, and how mobile she is.

She also got to see her uncles, Mike, Kevin and Isaiah, and meet her Great Uncle Terry!

We set up shop in my parent’s basement with a portable crib that my parents got and an air mattress for Jed and I. It was like a little studio apartment. We also had gates to help keep the dogs out of the living room so Charlotte could have a space to herself where she could roll around (which she is doing all of the time now).

Monday was a run-around day to get things before Christmas Eve, such as food and last-minute items.

We all went to Mass on Christmas Eve and Charlotte did great! She did fuss a little bit because she was tired, so I took her to the back until she fell asleep and then she slept until almost the end. She was so adorable in her little Christmas dress and she even wore her bracelet that my Aunt got her (which now fits).

When we got home we took pictures in front of the tree and then let Charlotte open her Christmas Eve gift.

Christmas Eve
Christmas Eve

For Charlotte’s Christmas Eve gift box, we wanted to start a fun tradition and I found this idea on Pinterest (of course) and thought it was cute. We got a box and put in a pair of pajama’s, an ornament, a book, a movie (I know, she’s a little too young for that) and a stuffed animal. When she gets older, we’ll probably leave out the stuffed animal and put in some treats like popcorn and hot cocoa for her to go with the movie.

After Charlotte went to bed (in her new pajamas) we had a lovely family dinner and spent time hanging out with everyone around a nice, warm fire.

Christmas Day was exciting. Charlotte loved all the bows and paper and even helped open her gifts!

She also made out like a bandit, but it’s so hard when everything for babies is so cute! We did get practical items in addition to fun ones! Here are a few things she/we received:

We also got a high chair that attaches to a regular chair (since she’s “eating” rice cereal), some adorable clothes, books, a bumper jumper and a fun toy that hangs on the head rest in the car that she can kick and it plays music and lights up.

Grandma and Grandpa also got her a snow suit, which is great since we live in the land of snow. We made sure to test it!

On Sunday we went over to see Uncle Isaiah and Alyssa and have brunch at their place. We had a great time and even got proof that babies don’t always cry when Isaiah holds them.

We headed back to Des Moines on Monday as Jed had to go in to work on Tuesday. Tuesday was low-key as we were still unpacking, etc. from our week in Minnesota. We went over to one of Jed’s sister’s house for New Year’s Eve dinner and then headed home so we could put Charlotte to bed relatively on time since she’s been off schedule with the holidays. As parent’s of a 4-month old, I’ll let you guess if we made it to midnight or not 😉

Jed started his trek back down to Texas today for his last week and a half of school (he graduates on the 15th). We were initially going to go down with him, but after a lot of thinking we decided to stay here and not push so much traveling on Charlie. While we hate being away from Jed even longer, it’s better that Charlotte is at home in her space and able to get back on schedule a little bit.

So here’s to another great year! We’re excited about 2014 and all the adventures that await us.

We hope you all had a great holiday season and are starting the new year on a positive and happy note.


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