A New Mom’s Christmas Wish List

Christmas gift on defocused lights background

Dear Santa,

I LOVE being a mom! But there are some things that come with the territory that I am a little over now. So here’s my Christmas wish list:

1. Sleep.

2. More sleep.

3. To be able to eat what I want, when I want.

4. To go to the bathroom when I need to go.

5. To be able to wear nice clothes again.

6. To fit into my nice clothes again.

7. A back, shoulder and neck massage every night. Okay, every other night.

8. To cook a nice meal AND be able to eat it before it gets cold.

9. To stop losing my hair! I knew this could happen, but geez. Good thing I have thick hair.

10. My hormones to get back in line. I know I’m emotional anyways, but crying at every single sad or happy commercial is getting a little old now.

11. My baby to take naps (regularly).

A New Mom

P.S. – Jed is back in less than two weeks which means hopefully some of my wishes will come true!!

What do you want for Christmas?


6 thoughts on “A New Mom’s Christmas Wish List

  1. That sounds like the same things I want. Haha. Especially sleep. Even when I get the chance to sleep, I can’t sleep. Too many things to do and the only time to do those sre when baby is sleeping. 🙂

  2. I couldn’t agree more! I want all of those things. Mostly the sleep and to fit into my clothes. I clearly don’t have a problem “missing meals”…I just eat while I feed her. Haha.
    Happy holidays and enjoy your time with your family! xo

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