Thankful For . . .

Every November I see people post what they are thankful for, so I have decided to jump on the bandwagon and join in. Better late than never! I decided to do the whole month of November at once as I don’t have time everyday to post. So here it goes . . .

I am THANKFUL for . . .

Day 1: My husband. No matter what crazy idea I have or what I want to do, he’s always there to support me. It is because of him and his love and support that I am able to stay home with our daughter. He is such a caring guy; I really lucked out!

My Husband
My Husband

Day 2: My Mom. There aren’t enough words to describe how lucky I am to be her daughter. I strive every day to be as caring and generous as her.

Day 3: My Dad. He’s taught me so many things, especially how important family and love is.

I wouldn’t be the person I am today without loving, caring and supportive parents. I can only hope I am able to raise Charlotte with the same values and love as my parents have raised me.

Mom and Dad
Mom and Dad

Day 4: My brother, Mike. He might not know this, but even though he taped me to the floor for a few hours when I was very young, I truly look up to him (figuratively speaking and I guess literally in that situation). In all honesty though, he is someone who doesn’t give up and always looks at the positive side of the situation. Something I wish I could do more of.

Day 5: My brother, Kevin. I am so proud of my younger brother for having the best attitude of anyone out there. He is also one of the most selfless people I know and always has a smile or a joke to brighten your day.

My Brothers
Me and My Brothers

Day 6: Our baby girl, Charlotte. She truly is our little miracle and I never knew I could love someone so much. She makes my days brighter and I am so thankful I get to be her mother.

Our Baby Girl
Our Baby Girl

Day 7: Our health. Life is so precious and I’ve experienced that many times it is taken away too soon. On this same note, I am thankful that we can afford health insurance so that we are able to stay healthy and get the care we need.

Day 8: Coffee. It is amazing what a cup of coffee can do (especially for an extremely tired momma).


Day 9: A roof over our heads. There are so many people who don’t have a warm place to call their own, so I am thankful that we were able to find a home that is affordable and comfortable for what we need.

Day 10: Awesome in-laws. I love how welcoming  Jed’s family is! I never had a sister, but now I have seven! And another brother. They are all unique in their own ways and so caring.

Day 11: Having time with Jed’s parents. They were taken away from us too soon, but I am so happy I had time to get to know them. They were beautiful souls and I am lucky to have had the time to get to know them.

The Holl Family
The Holl Family

Day 12: Our dogs, Tank and Dora. Although they might not feel like it, they were our first children and I love them so much. There’s something about dogs that just warms my heart. All they want is to be loved and to play and they love unconditionally. I can’t wait for Charlotte to hang out with them like the Three Amigos!

Tank and Dora
Tank and Dora

Day 13: Our friends. Great friends can lift your spirits without needing to say or do much. They just know. Hopefully you all know who you are :)!

Day 14: While I am not a fan of long winters, I am thankful for living in a state where we get to experience all four seasons! It sure does make you appreciate each one in its own way. My favorites are summer and fall. (But right now I am NOT loving how dry it is here).

Day 15: Having a sense of humor. I think everyone needs to know how to laugh at themselves and let things go. Life’s more fun with a little humor and laughter!

Day 16: Having an open mind. It’s amazing what you can do and what you can accomplish when you have an open mind.

Day 17: Technology. It is truly amazing what you can do now with technology, and because of it, Charlotte is able to see her daddy almost every day and hear his voice. She also gets to see grandma and grandpa and aunts and uncles that she doesn’t get to see in-person very often.

Day 18: Books. Although I have not been able to read much lately, I love books! There’s something magical about getting lost in a good story – especially if you have a cup of coffee and a fire going. Hopefully Charlotte will share this love with her momma. We read everyday, so I hope it sticks.

Day 19: Having patience (at least I think so). There have definitely been days where I know God is testing me. I know he wouldn’t give me more than I can handle, but some days I wonder about it and am thankful for my patience.

Day 20: Modern transportation. Since our family is spread out, I am thankful for modern transportation so that we can get on a plane and in a few hours be able to spend time with our family. Could you imagine if we were still traveling by horse and carriage?!

Day 21: My Faith.

Day 22: Food. There are way too many people out there, especially children, that do not get enough to eat. I am thankful that we are able to have food on our tables every day, for every meal.

Day 23: Understanding the value of a dollar. This is something I have to credit my parents for. I believe they did a very good job in teaching me and my brothers the importance of saving and working for what you want.

Day 24: Elastic. Thank goodness for this, especially after having a baby! Thank you to whoever created elastic waistbands so I can be comfortable until I fit back into my regular jeans (I now fit in a couple of pairs, but not all)!

Day 25: Blankets, especially electric ones. My husband would agree with me when I say I’m usually always cold, even in the summer. So I usually have a blanket close by to snuggle up in. Coffee + Blanket + Book = pure bliss.

Day 26: Music. I love how music can change your mood and lift you up on a bad day. I have such a random assortment of music and I think it’s because I have something for every mood and emotion.

Day 27: Workout classes. Although I’m not able to go yet, I love going to workout classes as I am not good at motivating myself. Hopefully I’ll be motivated to go once Jed is back and we figure out our schedules.

Day 28: The library. I know I already listed books, but I love going to library and just getting lost in all the books. I have really great memories of going to the library with my mom and I hope Charlotte will love the library as much as her mother.

Day 29: Holiday time. Not because of all the deals and shopping (I vouch to NEVER shop on black Friday if I can avoid it). I love this time of year for all the family time and seeing people doing great things for others. If only we could do this all year round!

Day 30: Guilty pleasures. Whether its comfort food, a bad movie, both or something else, sometimes it’s nice to indulge.


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