Ch Ch Ch Changes

Okay, the title is totally a David Bowie reference (in case you were wondering).

Charlotte is changing so quickly so I thought I would post some of her new accomplishments.

About two weeks ago she started doing this . . .

It is quite hilarious to watch her roll up into a little ball. The photos don’t quite do her justice for how far she can get those legs up. She can get her toes to her cheek! She sticks her legs up, grabs them and then rolls to either side. Great entertainment for both of us! I also call her thumper sometimes because she’ll stick her legs straight up and then drop them which makes a thump in her crib. I will hear her doing that for a few minutes. I’m assuming it doesn’t hurt since she continues to do it and when I look at her she starts smiling.

She is also now grabbing and holding onto things, even waving things around in the air.

Again, these are photos that don’t quite do her tricks justice. I wish I could post videos without having to go through YouTube as I have a great video of her waving around one of the toys that usually hangs from her play mat. The only problem with this new trick is that she LOVES taking out her pacifier (and then wants it back). A few times she has actually taken it out and put it back in, but I know those were only flukes and she had no idea what she was doing. So now we are playing “see if mommy can catch the pacifier before it gets thrown to the floor”. I guess it’s time to use the pacifier clip.

She’s doing so much better with tummy time, mostly because I force her to do it a lot each day. Sometimes it’s only for a couple of minutes and other times it’s for a good 10 minutes (though these are rare). Our physical therapist told us to do it 2-3 minutes at a time (at least) and 6-8 times a day. The first few days were rough, but then she got used to it with consistency and now she’s doesn’t fuss very much unless she’s tired or frustrated.

Twins! Oh, wait. Just a mirror.
Twins! Oh, wait. Just a mirror.

The last thing she’s been doing much more recently is talking. Again, I can’t show a photo of that so you’ll have to trust me on this one until I get a YouTube page set up for her. She has been babbling for a while, but it seems like in the last week and a half she has found her voice and volume. She talks so much now and so loudly! Something she has learned from her father, no doubt. 🙂 It is so cute though to listen to. All different kinds of sounds and volume levels. It’s what I wake up to every morning – her talking to herself. She also starts to talk a lot when she’s starting to get tired.

She has also started to notice the dogs now that she likes to sit facing outwards. I’ll sit her on my lap and she’ll watch the dogs walk around. She’ll smile at them, but they don’t seem to notice.

And lastly, she is pretty much sleeping through the night. Granted it’s not every single night, but we’re getting there. She usually goes to bed around 7 p.m. and wakes up maybe around 4:15-4:30 for a quick feeding and then sleeps until 7-7:30 a.m. Every couple of nights she may wake up for one more night feeding, but those nights are getting fewer and farther between.

I can’t wait to see what she learns next as it seems like it’s something new every day!


3 thoughts on “Ch Ch Ch Changes

  1. I love this post! So cute to see the babies starting to learn new things. Those pictures with her feet up in the air – adorable! And I love that picture in the mirror… Coyer loves the mirror too, so I might try this out myself.

    We also play the pacifier game… he pulls it out, then immediately gets angry because it’s not there anymore. So fun (lol)! But it does make me laugh.

  2. So cute! She is so flexible! It is SO fun to hear them talk. Hadley is really getting going now too. She finally realizes that she is the one making the sounds and she gets all smiley and proud of herself. I just LOVE it!

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