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Charlotte Mae: Three Months

Three Months
Charlotte – Three Months

I’m sure I sound like a broken record, but I can’t believe how fast Charlotte is growing up! She really needs to slow down.

As you can see from the chalkboard, she is a well-traveled little girl already. She went on her first road trip up to Minnesota in September and then went down to San Angelo, Texas to visit her father (the four plane rides to get there and back) and took another road trip to San Antonio. While it was all really fun, I’m glad we’re not traveling anywhere for a while as it is exhausting. I am thankful that she is a very content little girl and travels well.

I don’t have her stats for this month as we don’t go back to the pediatrician until her 4-month check-up, but I guarantee she is getting bigger! At her 2-month appointment the pediatrician wanted us to go to a physical therapist to have her neck checked out as she prefers looking to one side. We went to the evaluation last Wednesday and she does have torticollis – a condition where tight neck muscles cause a child to hold their head tilted or turned to one side instead on in the middle. There are a few causes for this such as the baby’s position in the womb and the baby’s position at home. I have a feeling Charlotte’s was caused from a combination of both. The therapist also said that kids don’t get as much tummy time at home, which helps build their neck muscles, because of concern of SIDS and children needing to now sleep on their backs. I’m not going to lie, I knew she had something, but I felt a little defeated actually being told so and regret not doing more tummy time earlier with her. It has been a little hard to do it with her with two dogs, but that’s not an excuse and I really wish I would have been more diligent earlier.

So now we have to go to physical therapy once a week for the next few months as well as do lots of stretches and tummy time at home. She prefers to look to her left, so her head ends of tilting down to the right, so those are the muscles we need to work. Of course she doesn’t like the stretches as they are uncomfortable for her, but not painful. We have to do them 6-8 times a day. We also still go to the chiropractor once a week for her, so I’m hoping it won’t take too long to straighten out. The good thing is that she does have range of motion to her right, but it’s harder for her to look that way as the muscles are underdeveloped. I can tell most times that she is frustrated that she can’t always look that way :(. But after a few days of stretches, I can already tell that it’s getting a little easier for her. Just have to keep it up.

But now on to the fun stuff:

Likes: Kicking her legs straight up in the air (she’s starting to touch her toes), rolling from side to side, watching people, babbling and trying to mimic sounds/faces, her hands (mostly sucking on them and seeing how many fingers she can stuff in her mouth), going for walks, FaceTime with daddy and grandma and grandpa, chiropractor, taking naps on mommy, trying to sit up, looking in the mirror.

Dislikes: Having to do her stretches, going in the car seat (initially), unexpected loud noises (who does?), physical therapy, tummy time (but we’re getting better).

Funny Charlotte Moments:

– One night I woke up to the sound of music on the monitor. I realized that she had kicked on her soother that’s attached to the crib. Scared the crap out of me, but she didn’t seem to mind.

– The other morning I woke up to her talking. When I came down to get her up I saw her leg was sticking out of the crib (we don’t have bumpers), Like I said, she likes to roll and I never find her in the same position I put her down in! Don’t worry – she wasn’t hurt. She was just lying there babbling with part of her leg sticking out like it was no big deal.

– A few times now she has actually laughed at what I was doing – usually making funny noises.

– She is drooling a lot (mostly because she’s always got her hands in her mouth) and makes lots of spit bubbles.

Fall sweater time!
Fall sweater time!
Figuring out how to read!
Figuring out how to read!
Monkey snuggles.

We’ve got a busy week ahead of us, but the most exciting news is that Jed is going to be back for Veteran’s Day weekend! We can’t wait to see him and have him home with us (even if only for a short while).

And we can’t forget to say Happy Birthday to Grandpa Goerne!

Grandpa Goerne
Grandpa Goerne

6 thoughts on “Charlotte Mae: Three Months

  1. Wow, 3 months already!?!? I am so behind and feel so out of the loop with bloggers lately. Charlotte is SO PRECIOUS!! Looks like she is growing like a weed. We are taking our first plane trip in 2 weeks (Winter will be 5.5 weeks at that time), so hopefully it goes well for us too!

      1. It is. I gave her a bottle on the take-off for both of the first flights and she took the pacifier on the others. She slept during two of the landings and I was not going to wake a sleeping baby! Didn’t seem to phase her at all.

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