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Happy Halloween!

Des Moines is a little bit different from other cities/states when it comes to Halloween. Trick-or-treating happens on Beggar’s Night in Des Moines instead of on Halloween. Also, kids tell jokes to get candy. Two things that were not the case growing up in Minnesota. So last night we went over to my sister-in-laws house to hang out with the cousins and get pictures in our costumes while seeing all the kids come by.

Big shout out to Uncle Isaiah and Alyssa for getting Charlotte this adorable outfit! All I had to do was put together a carrot costume – which I did by buying orange fleece and materials from Jo-Ann Fabrics. I think everything cost me around $13 total!

And here are the photos!

What’s the best baby costume or pair costume you’ve seen?


8 thoughts on “Happy Halloween!

  1. You are SO creative! And I love that kids have to tell jokes for candy! What fun. Charlotte has the BLUEST eyes! Gorgeous! xo

      1. This is random, I haven’t been on in so long and wanted to catch up with everyone. I was searching for the gal above you “thebabydoctorswife” I followed her and loved her posts and seems like she may have deleted her blog. Do you know? I found some random posts of people attacking her on the web. 😦 Hope they didn’t force her to shut down!

  2. Great costumes Mrs. Katie Carrot! I’m sure you could get a photo in Family Fun with that combo. 🙂 Tevka’s first Halloween she was only 2 weeks old and was an ear of corn (baby corn?), thanks to her Gramma Bonnie’s knitting skills. I love the homemade (and not too expensive) costumes the best, too. What a lot of work you put into the robot – impressive!

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