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Hello, Texas!

We made it to Texas (and all in one piece)!

I was definitely extremely nervous all week leading up to our travels trying to make sure I had all my bases covered. I’ll post later about what I packed and what we actually used/needed. But for now, here’s a quick recap of our trip from Des Moines to San Angelo.

We arrived at the airport a little before 4 p.m.for our 5:25 p.m. flight. I packed one big bag to check and then had Charlotte in the baby bjorn with our backpack diaper bag. I did the curbside check-in, which saved a lot of time. We then headed up to go through security. I didn’t think it would be busy at that time, but of course it was. At least they had all the lines open so it went pretty quickly. I made sure to put everything I needed to take out such as bottles, liquids in a ziplock bag and my iPad on top so it would be easy to take out.

We didn’t go through the big body scanner, just the regular metal detector. They also had to test my palms. I hadn’t heard of this before but I looked it up and the test is for explosives (I’m assuming residues from explosives). The only thing that I had that could explode is a dirty diaper! They also had to test the milk in the bottles. I brought along two 4 oz. bottles of breast milk. They have two ways of testing. One is putting it in a machine so that they don’t have to open it (which wasn’t working at the time) and the other is opening the bottle and putting a test strip over the opening (not in the milk).

We finally got through security which honestly only took about 10-15 minutes and headed for our gate. I did make a quick pit stop to the coffee shop to fill up a thermos with a little hot water to warm up the bottles on the plane. I’m so glad I did this as it made it really easy to warm them up without finding a flight attendant or bathroom with hot water!

We got to our gate and of course we were boarding late. I had asked the gate agent if people with small children could board early and she said “no”. She did not seem to be thrilled to be at work. So we waited for our turn and funny enough a co-worker from a previous job was on my flight AND sitting right behind me. That made me feel better. Anyways, we got on and got settled. She was hungry so I warmed up a bottle which was perfect timing for taking off. They say to have babies suck on a bottle or pacifier when taking off/landing for their ears and the pressure changes.

Charlotte was wide awake the whole first flight until landing. It was fun to watch her facial expressions with all the new noises. The only noise she did not appreciate was the intercom, which was really loud. Luckily our flight got in early even though we left a little late because I was a little worried about making our next flight with only a 50-minute layover. Our connection was in Dallas-Fort Worth and if you’ve ever flown through there you’d know how big it is. Our next flight was in a different terminal which meant we had to take the Skylink. Charlotte was getting fussy as she was getting hungry again. So we made it to our next gate and I warmed up another bottle. I guess the gate had been changed twice before I got there and it changed once after we got there. At least it wasn’t far away but it meant that we were delayed! Charlotte started wailing because she was tired. We were up past both our bedtimes. She fell asleep while we were waiting to board and stayed asleep the whole flight, which was shorter than our delay, which was about an hour. I didn’t puttering the bjorn when we landed since she was sleeping and I knew Jed could take her or the luggage.

We were so excited to see Jed, even though we were exhausted. Charlotte woke up to see her daddy!

We got our luggage and headed for the apartment, but first stopped so I could get some food as I was hungry.

When we got in we pretty much crashed after unpacking some necessities.

So overall, I would say Charlie’s first air travel was a success and I didn’t lose my mind, but I do have some sore arms from holding her on both flights! I can only hope she’ll be just as good on our travels back, but I don’t want to think about leaving since we’re finally with Jed again.

Stay tuned for our adventures in Texas!

Do we look tired? Because we are!



5 thoughts on “Hello, Texas!

  1. So glad you made it and everything was okay (except for the delay)!! Huge props to you for braving the flight and everything with baby Charlie Mae! Ariella has yet to make her first flight! I’m sure Jed was so happy to see you both and probably freaked out a little over how big Charlie is! Have a great visit!

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