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Weekend Photo Challenge: Outfit of the Day

A fellow blogger and friend, Kukolina, started this photo challenge a few weeks ago and I decided to join in on the fun! This week’s photo is “Outfit of the Day” or “Love That Outfit” for both baby and parent. Unfortunately it’s a little hard to get a photo of myself since it’s just me and baby (unless the dogs have figured out how to take pictures and haven’t told me yet;)). Also, I am still kind of in-between sizes and don’t fit into some of my favorite pants yet, so not really ready to show “my favorite outfit” until I fit in it. So I am only including the baby “Outfit of the Day”.

And here it is . . .

Outfit of the Day!
Outfit of the Day!

Miss Charlotte is actually wearing a newborn dress as a tank top from Oh Baby that grandma got her! She’s growing too fast! And her pants are from Baby Gap and I got them on sale for $4.99! They are newborn size so we’re making sure to wear them a lot before she outgrows those as well.

I thought I would also include her favorite toy (which was last week’s photo topic). She loves looking around so the play mat with mobile is her favorite right now (other than her hands which are another fascination of hers).

Favorite Toy!
Favorite Toy!

Here are the photo topics for the upcoming weeks:

October 12 – Sleeping
October 19 – Unsuspecting Subject
October 26 – Posing
November 2 – Out & About

We’ll see how well we do with next week’s photo. I’ll least we’ll be in Texas with Jed so he can help take the photos!


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