Traditional Anniversary Gifts

As I mentioned on Charlotte’s one-month update, September 4th was our 3rd anniversary.

Each year I try to give Jed a “traditional” gift and this year was leather.

So I wanted to share what I got him!

3rd Anniversary Gift
3rd Anniversary Gift

It’s a leather koozie with his name hand-painted on it! Something I know he’ll get a lot of use out of. 🙂 I ordered it through Etsy.

I also made him this card. Of course I would love to take credit for this idea, but I found it on Pinterest.

3rd Anniversary Card
3rd Anniversary Card

Each envelope has a little card inside with a great memory from that year of marriage. It was hard to only select one memory for each year as we’ve had so many great memories!

Here’s a look at what I did for our 2nd anniversary.

What are some interesting/cool/unique gifts you’ve seen or received for traditional anniversary gifts?


5 thoughts on “Traditional Anniversary Gifts

  1. I did not know that materials are suggested for each year of celebrating the anniversary of one’s wedding. Interesting. It is a theme for sure!
    We celebrate a lot because we try to celebrate each month (we met on the 18th)… so specifically our wedding day is not one we celebrate. At our tenth anniversary (of getting together – usually counts from the first kiss) we went to the beach and my husband surprised me with two singers I like on the island. They came to the beach with their guitars and sang to us. It was very romantic.

    xoxo, Eszter

  2. I forgot if I already asked you Katie or not… would you like to join in with an outfit on Saturday? The theme is for both babies and adults… I would be happy to share the link to your post if you would like to join us…
    This was last Saturday:
    Sorry if i already asked you this… I am trying to get as many people to participate as possible. The more the merrier… 🙂

      1. You just post a post on your blog. There are several ways of doing it. You can check out what others did last week (including me). You can participate in both the topics or just one. It is up to you. This Saturday it is the same for babies and adults. The outfit of the day for adults stays the same every Saturday. I added that so those could participate as well who do not have children…
        The baby topic changes week by week. It is always on Saturday. I mention everyone who participates and there are some who also mention others but this part is up to the activity one wants to put it in it all. For example, if you let people know that you will mention their blog, they will also mention yours. This is also something you can see if you look at what others did last week. If you would like to use this to popularize your blog, I can email you my list for this Saturday. OR you can also ask around and if you find others who will join in than they will for sure mention you in their post. Well… not sure, sure but there is a big chance…
        Here is last week’s post:

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