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Our Week In Minnesota

We had a great time visiting Grandma and Grandpa up in Minnesota this past week, but it went too fast!

It was so great to have an extra couple of pairs of hands around to actually enjoy sitting down and eating and my back definitely felt the relief! It was also great to have the company! That’s probably one of the hardest things about Jed being gone – is having someone to talk to (that you can actually understand). Charlie is a great conversationalist, but I have no idea what she’s saying (yet).

We kept pretty busy so here’s a quick recap of our week in the Land of the Lakes.

Sunday (afternoon): A friend of the family’s son turned 21 and was having a cookout, so we went and stopped over to say hello.

Monday: Went to Once Upon a Child to look for some items to keep up at Grandma and Grandpa’s house. Ended up with a couple of outfits instead 🙂

Tuesday: Went to the Mall of America for some retail therapy! Of course we found some super cute clothes at the new Carter’s they opened up as well as Hanna Andersson and Nordstrom’s. We have to take advantage of those stores we don’t have down here in Iowa! Plus, I was having a really difficult time finding nursing bras that fit well and Nordstrom’s is great! They have tons of styles in about every size imaginable, so I finally found some I can wear without worrying.

Wednesday: We went to Uptown Minneapolis to visit Grandpa at work and go out to lunch with him and some co-workers. We had Thai food, which was delicious. We then met up with Grandma at Babies R’ Us and got a play mat and changing pad to keep up in MN. Charlotte loves her play mat and kicks the toys a lot! She loves looking at everything so this was perfect for entertainment for her when our backs needed a little break.

Thursday: My mom and I went to get our nails done while Grandpa was on babysitting duty. Felt really good to get a mani/pedi and feel a little more “normal”.

Friday: Stopped at Petco to figure out why Tank and Dora’s anti-bark collars aren’t working (and got it resolved) and then headed to the Eden Prairie mall for some more retail therapy. There isn’t any sales tax on clothing in MN, so we took advantage of that. We got some super cute clothes on sale at Baby Gap.

Saturday: Traveled back to Des Moines. She did so well traveling. We stopped once on the way up and once on the way back. It rained the whole way back which wasn’t ideal, but we managed. My only beef was that the gas station that we went to had a poorly designed bathroom for changing babies diapers. Usually the stations are in the handicap stall or away from everything, but this one had it right outside of the stalls so if you were changing baby, you would block two of the three stalls. I’d like to meet the genius that thought that was a good idea. Charlotte did get to meet more of her family upon her return to Des Moines. Uncle Isaiah, Aunt Havvah and Aunt Vered were in town for a crab boil!

Photos From The Week:

The one thing we don’t have a lot of are pictures of me (and obviously Jed) with Charlotte so anytime we have the chance to be in a photo with her, we’re taking it! Grandpa took some of me and Charlotte in the backyard, which was great and we’re planning on taking lots in Texas as well with Jed.

Also, I had to post these pictures of the awesome gift from Uncle Isaiah and Alyssa. I can’t wait to dress Charlie in them!

Sweet Pea and Mysterio from Uncle Isaiah and Alyssa!
Sweet Pea and Mysterio from Uncle Isaiah and Alyssa!
Mysterio shirt!
Mysterio shirt!

We’re keeping busy this week with the cleaning service coming and going to the chiropractor (I can’t wait!). And then next week we have her two-month appointment, which I’m not looking forward to (because she has to get shots for her immunizations) and then we head to Texas to visit Jed, which we are looking forward to!

Stay tuned.


8 thoughts on “Our Week In Minnesota

  1. Oh Katie! I have so much on my mind. I looked at the pictures you posted over and over. I love them!
    Speaking of pictures! You need more of you and Charlotte. Don’t wait for Jed… A few weeks from now you will see how much newborns can change. So take your cell phone and use your better hand (I take them with my right hand) and lower the shoulder on the side that you are holding your phone. So if it is your right hand like in my case, lower your right shoulder before you take the shot. If you practice this it will eventually look as someone else is taking a shot. And take many, many pictures! The goal is to have one at least that you like. Check the first pictures right away. You will notice if the pictures are too dark for example… you might need to change your position or sometimes too much light goes on the baby’s face. If you pick out a few favorites that need some editing email it to me and I can do it for you ( or if you want to give it a try is easy to use. You can crop your pictures for example.

    Back pain: seeing a professional is great! For long term solution: I bought a belt that pharmacies sell for pregnant women. Mine is called Anita Sherpa belt. (I also had to get a supporter for my wrist but Zoárd is now 10 kg-s…)

    Changing diapers: at the beginning we were always looking for a proper place to change diapers. But when you are travelling do not be shy to change diapers at the back of the car on the seat (put a clean something under her) or in her stroller. Many times it is nicer than going in to a bathroom that is not inviting…

    What is an anti-bark collar? Sounds very modern!

    Great that you did some shopping and had a nice time with… are they your parents or Jed’s?

    Let me know if I can help you in anything…

    Oh and you look marvelous! Which is a plus when you want to take more pictures… 🙂

    xoxo, Eszter

    1. I’ve tried a few “selfies”, but they aren’t as good as when others take them!

      I would have changed her in the car, but I had luggage in the back seat so there wasn’t anywhere to put her! Plus, it was raining out so I couldn’t take it out while I changed her unless I wanted it to get soaked, which I didn’t.

      I’ll have to look into some other kind of back support because I won’t be able to go to the chiropractor every week and she’s only getting bigger!

      The anti-bark collars help keep our dogs “quiet”. They spray a safe, citronella spray when they bark (which they don’t like) to train them not to bark. The bark a LOT when the mail carrier comes and when people come over. They love people!

      1. amazing! I must remember these spraying collars for the future…

        I forgot about the rain… you are right… it was better what you did…

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