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6 Week Update

I should probably be sleeping instead of writing this, but I want to make sure to write all the things we’re doing and keep everyone updated! I’m going to start off by saying this is probably going to be a long post as we’ve been some pretty busy ladies the past week or so.

Jed went back to Texas on Sept. 2. It was great to have him home, even if for a short time. While it’s always sad to see him go we luckily had something to look forward to! My parents coming to town to visit/help out. They got in last Saturday afternoon and stayed through Tuesday afternoon. It was awesome. Charlotte loved spending time with grandma and grandpa Goerne and I know they loved every minute with her too – even the feedings at 4:30 in the morning when my dad volunteered to get up and give her a bottle so that I could get a little extra sleep!

We did so much in the few days they were here. So here’s a quick breakdown of what we did:

1. Went out to eat (twice!). We went out to dinner on Saturday and Sunday and Charlotte did great. She loves looking around and usually falls asleep at some point.

2. Grandma and Grandpa babysat while I went to a friend’s baby shower. They also babysat while I went to my follow-up appointment. Everything checked out well and while I am only about 8 pounds off from my pre-baby weight (thank you, breastfeeding), I still do not fit in my pre-pregnancy shorts or jeans.

3. Went to the mall – what girl doesn’t like going shopping? Grandpa and Charlie strolled around the mall while my mom and I made some returns and looked around. Charlie rode on her first elevator.

4. Mommy got a much needed haircut and highlight. Long hair and breastfeeding don’t mix well unless you want to wear your hair up all the time. So I got a few inches taken off (no Jed, not a “mom” cut). It’s amazing what a little color and cut can do to your self-esteem, especially when you don’t feel too attractive with spit up on you and dark circles under your eyes from lack of sleep! It was nice to have a little pampering.

It was sad to see my parents leave, but we’re going to go on our first road trip to visit them next weekend for a bit. So watch out, Minnesota. Katie and Charlie are coming! On that note, we also got our tickets to go visit Jed in Texas in October. So excited to see him and spend time together, but I’m a little anxious about flying with an infant. Hopefully all goes well.

Yesterday we went and saw a parade at the Beaverdale Fall Festival. It was the perfect day to be outside and Charlie seemed to like it although mommy was a little nervous with some of the loud noises, like semi-trucks honking their horns! We kept our distance and still enjoyed being outside.

Charlie is getting bigger every day. We went to the pediatrician the other week as her reflux medicine didn’t seem to be working and she had a couple projectile vomits again. We went in so they could check her weight and she was 11 lbs. 2 oz.! So she is definitely gaining weight. They ended up switching her to a different medication so we just started that. We’ll see if it helps. Thankfully she is a pretty easy-going baby and doesn’t fuss unless she actually wants/needs something.

She’s talking more and more every day. We’ll just sit and coo back and forth to each other. She can actually get pretty loud and I think it startles both of us! She also loves to smile and move. She’ll get her arms and legs going all at the same time and just “exercise”. She kicked a lot in the womb, so I guess this shouldn’t surprise me.

Now that the weather has cooled down we’re taking daily walks. Sometimes we’ll go out in the morning and afternoon if we’re up for it. I would sit on the patio, but we have a ton of oak trees and all of the acorns are falling so I don’t want Charlie or myself getting conked on the head from an acorn.

We ended the weekend with our niece/cousin’s 4th birthday party which was super fun! Our cousin was dressed as Jessie from Toy Story and we had cake and ice cream. Yum.

Here’s a few photos from the past week!

We’re keeping busy, so stayed tuned for more of our adventures – like our first road trip up to MN this coming weekend!

P.S. – So far for our “Who Do I Look Like” poll, the results are 8 for daddy, 7 for mommy and 5 for both. Have you taken it yet?


7 thoughts on “6 Week Update

  1. We should all be sleeping instead of writing or reading! I now understand all of the comments I would get around 2 am… Breastfeeding and blogging 🙂 !
    She’s growing SO much and is SO cute! Thanks for taking some of the time (that is so precious and hard to come by) and updating us!

  2. Things seem to be going wonderfully! And only 8 pounds off pre-pregnancy weight? You are officially my role model (since we both gained about the same amount).

    Charlie is too cute! So glad she got time with your parents. My mom comes out in a week and a half so hopefully I have a baby by then for her to help me with!

    I think the flying will be just fine when you go visit Jed. Just feed her when she wants it and let her sleep.

    Your hair looks great! Still totally stylish..xoxo

    1. Breastfeeding does wonders and it’s great since that’s also the best nutrition for little Charlie! I’m so excited to meet your little girl and hopefully she makes her appearance before your mom comes to town so you can get the extra help.

      And happy anniversary! It’s seems a lot of us have anniversaries around the same time and now have kids are the same time – kinda crazy!

      1. Love to hear how well things are going for you. I hope she comes soon also…I don’t know how much more waiting I can stand. I am sure you remember the feeling!

  3. I love reading your updates! Sounds like you guys have been busy lately-lots of fun! I bet it was so nice to see your husband, and knowing that you’re traveling to see him soon is exciting too! I’m sure Charlie and you will do just fine on the airplane. I have heard little newborns are the best age for air travel (compared to later on).

    You hair looks really pretty! And I’m super impressed that you’re almost back to pre-pregnancy weight, that’s amazing. You are a beast—I hope I will have the same success. I have always heard that breastfeeding does wonders for post-baby slimdown.

    I bet having your parents around was great. My mom and then my sister (and my husband’s parents) all have trips planned to visit after my baby is born, and I know they will be welcomed with wide open arms. Glad you had a great time!

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