A Whirlwind Of A Week

Funny Face
Funny Face

This past week has been quite crazy. It’s been exciting, sad, tiring and more!

The best part of this week was my older brother coming into town from Colorado to see miss Charlotte. He came in Monday afternoon and stayed with us until Wednesday afternoon. It was awesome to see him and catch up as well as see him with the little one. He’s an awesome brother (along with my younger brother) and now he’s officially an awesome uncle.

Uncle Mike and Charlotte
Uncle Mike and Charlotte

The worst part of this week was Jed leaving for training. He left very early on Tuesday to drive down to Texas for 5 months of training for his new position. In all honesty, it was a good thing he left really early when I was half-sleeping as it would have otherwise been much more emotional. It definitely is a downer that he’s not here, but we are both glad it’s finally here so we can get through this and get him back here. We were both dreading Tuesday ever since Charlotte was born and now we get to count down the days until he’s back home for visits and for good! Only 144 days to go til he’s done with training. Plus, he is going to be back in town for Labor Day to see us, celebrate Charlie’s one month and our three-year anniversary. He’ll also get to give Charlotte her first bottle (which will make mommy happy). I was also very happy my brother was in town to help distract me from the fact that Jed was gone.

So since Wednesday afternoon it’s been Charlotte, Tank, Dora and I ruling the house. It’s amazing how something so little can be so consuming – in the best of ways. I also think it’s funny that although she really only does a few things, the frequency of those few things (eating, sleeping, bathroom and awake time) are intense. I definitely have learned to be flexible and to prioritize things that need to get done versus what I would like to get done. I really miss having an extra pair of hands around the house so I’m trying to be creative to get things done. Thank goodness for bouncers though!

To keep this post short (because time is definitely not on my side), I have decided to list out highlights of the past week with little Charlotte. All things to look back on and laugh at or reminisce about.

Weekly Highlights:

Charlotte: 20 Days Old

1. Had our two-week appointment on Monday and we are now at 9.2 lbs.! We’ve got a big appetite. We’re in the 75th percentile for weight, but have only added .3″ to our height. We can see her weight gain in her chubby little cheeks and thighs. 🙂

2. We had our official first blowout in the bouncer. Not sure how she managed to only poop on one side of the diaper, but there was definite leakage and I got the pleasure of giving Charlotte a bath two nights in a row and washing the bouncer for the first time.

3. We keep trying the swing, but haven’t warmed up to it yet. We’re taking the approach of “if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again”, so we’ll keep trying.

4. Tried on the Baby Bjorn for the first time. This is going to be a lifesaver for mommy to get things done around the house.

5. We have reflux (which a lot of babies have) and the doctor prescribed us medication that we take twice a day (and don’t enjoy). Good thing Charlotte is a “happy spitter” and doesn’t fuss afterwards. Although she is very quick and has a knack for spitting up when the burp cloth isn’t on her. Of course. Other than the medication, we just have to make sure to keep her upright after feedings/burping for a while.

6. We’ve started doing tummy time each day. The pediatrician said we can do up to 10 minutes each day.

7. There’s a bit of a heat wave going on here, so unfortunately we don’t get to go outside for walks because its way too hot and humid. Hopefully soon.

8. We are starting to take a pacifier! My personal opinion on this (from someone who was a thumb sucker) is that I would prefer a pacifier that I can take away versus a thumb which I cannot. Plus, babies need to learn to self-soothe and I don’t want to be a human pacifier.

9. Went to Target with baby by myself. The carrier took up the whole cart! So will definitely be using the Baby Bjorn for future trips (or the stroller if I’m only picking up a few items).

10. We like to unintentionally flick people off – we’ve caught this in a couple of photos now.

I’m sure there are many more highlights from this week, but my sleep-deprived mommy brain can’t think of any others right now.

I can’t believe Charlotte is going to be 3 weeks old tomorrow. It is so true that time does go by very quickly, so trying to take it all in and enjoy.

Any advice for a new mom? I’d love to hear any fun little tips or tricks for baby, mommy or both!


11 thoughts on “A Whirlwind Of A Week

    1. I plan to! To “flick someone off” is to put up your middle finger, which is actually “flipping” someone off. I misspoke. It’s more of a disrespectful thing, but it’s funny to me as she has no idea what she’s doing 🙂

  1. We are all here for you Mama and LOVE hearing about your adventures with Miss Charlie. You are a very strong woman! Sounds like you are doing a fabulous job to me 🙂

    1. Thank you. It is definitely encouraging to read about everyone else’s experience’s and knowing that I’m not the only one going through them. Although there are those days where I wish I had an extra pair of arms 🙂

  2. I’m so sorry you have to spend so long away from your husband! That’s never easy… and now with a newborn to take care of. But, you can totally do it! Plus, you and your husband will be so much closer when he gets to come back home.

    Keep posting those adorable pictures of Miss Charlie – such a cutie! Love it 🙂

  3. You are so strong! To have to do it on your own for 5 months with a newborn is far from ideal, but girl, you can do it! I hope you have good friends and family around who are a support system for you to have help. I’m sure it is killing both you and Jed to be apart during this time, but in the big picture, it will all be worth it. Prayers for you, though!

    Hopefully your weather starts to cool off a bit so you can get outdoors more. I too am looking forward to cooling temps since I’ve been in the HOT/humid tropics with this extra person strapped to me:)

    Hope your day to day life is going well. Never hesitate to reach out to others if you are needing support (whether it be emotional or other). We fellow pregnant/mommy-bloggers are here for you.

    1. Thank you for the kind and encouraging words. I definitely find comfort and support from all my fellow pregnant/mommy bloggers like yourself. It’s not the first time Jed has had to be away for an extended period of time and now I have a little girl to keep me company, so that’s the best. Can’t wait to meet your little girl!

  4. Apparently if you place a thick book under their mattress where their head lays, it assists with keeping the reflux at bay. The slight elevation through the night helps to keep it down. 🙂

    1. I have heard that and will be doing that in our cradle. We are also borrowing a rock n’ sleeper from a family member that is inclined and that’s been helping. Hopefully it doesn’t last too long.

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