Baby Holl: 40 Weeks, 1 Day (or Day 281). But Who’s Counting?

40 Weeks
40 Weeks

Well. Our due date has come and gone and still no baby. I guess she is stubborn like both her parents:).

While I usually post on Tuesdays (and after doctor’s appointments), I figured it would be best to get this one out there in case she does make her appearance this weekend since we’re officially 40 weeks as of yesterday!

At this point in time, I would welcome contractions with both arms open. I’ve been having some, but none that have overpowered me or made me think that we need to start timing anything. I have started to have some menstrual-like pains, which I believe is a sign that my body is getting ready for labor. Hopefully that’s true and things start progressing faster.

It’s not necessarily that I’m tired of being pregnant (although I am excited to have my body back), but we really, really want to meet this little girl and start to bond with her. It’s honestly getting a little boring waiting around and since I can’t do as much, it makes it even worse!

And the hormones! Geez. Those hit me like a ton of bricks this past week. For some reason it feels like a switch was turned on and everything changed. Case in point – I went to get my nails done and I was having a really hard time picking out a color I liked (there weren’t a whole lot to choose from). No one should take as long as I did to pick out a nail color. Then, when they were done, I hated them!! I wasn’t upset, but I was really frustrated because I spent money on something I didn’t like and I was honestly worried about how they would look in pictures and that I would have to look at them for the next two weeks (because I got the Shellac polish). I literally sat and stewed about it from the time I got home until I called the salon back the next morning to schedule removal and new polish. My husband probably thought I was nuts for stewing over something as silly as nail polish, and rightfully so. I even knew I was being crazy, but I couldn’t stop thinking about it!! Needless to say, I went and got them redone and now I love them. But that is why this little girl needs to come – so I can stop wasting time and brain power on stupid things and start worrying about her!

Other than the nail polish fiasco of 2013, this past week has been pretty boring on my front as I wait. Friday was Jed’s last day at work until he leaves for training down in Texas, so that is nice that he is able to take that time off. We also had family move to town this past week from Chicago, so now little Sesame has another cousin to play with nearby.

We also received the anti-bark collars for the dogs and those seem to be working well. The shrill barking has definitely ceased. I just feel bad because our dogs aren’t that big and the collars are kind of bulky so I’m sure they aren’t the most comfortable things for them.

Since we are so ready to meet this little one, we thought it would be funny to take the following pictures:

We have an appointment scheduled for Monday morning for an ultrasound and check-up. Unless she arrives before then, we’ll probably figure out at that appointment what the doctor wants to do in terms of induction or continuing to let her bake for a while.

Currently: 40 weeks, 1 day

Countdown: Past Due!!

Sesame’s Size: Now the size of a pumpkin. But somehow still 19-22 in. and 6-9 lbs.

Cravings: Sweets! Cookies, ice cream, chocolate.

Weight Gain: Not counting anymore. We’ll see what the number is on Monday if we make it til then.

Sleep: Not so good. This past week has been horrible for getting sleep. I cannot turn my brain off at night just thinking about everything (and nothing) and being anxious, so it’s been a little rough. It’s also harder to turn in bed and can tend to hurt a little bit, so that’s not helping either.

Mood: Impatient, impatient and . . . nervous. Now that we are down to the wire, I am a little nervous about the labor and delivery. I know everything will go well, but it’s hard not to think about it.

Symptoms: Menstrual-like pain and that’s about it for now. Although the other day, she stretched her foot out so far in my side that I thought it was going to pop out! That was probably the first time her little movements have actually hurt. I kept trying to push her foot back in, but she insisted on keeping it there and stretching out.

Looking Forward To: Meeting her and introducing her to all our family and friends.

Clothes: All maternity. But I am excited to be able to wear somewhat regular clothes soon – especially my t-shirts and dresses.

Misc. News: Wedding ring is still on. I think I have some very small stretch marks on the under side of my belly 😦 Jed says they aren’t stretch marks and just marks from my pants, but those would go away. But thanks for trying to make me feel better 😉

Since she still hasn’t arrived, there’s still time to take our baby poll! Hopefully the next post is introducing her to everyone!!


4 thoughts on “Baby Holl: 40 Weeks, 1 Day (or Day 281). But Who’s Counting?

  1. You look beautiful! and I LOVE the eviction notice, so fun! I had 2 girl friends go over 1 week overdue in the past month, must be a trend and Im realizing I might be eating my thanksgiving dinner in the hospital rather than at the table with him by my side like I had hoped, LOL. Im due November 14th, so thats what I am hoping for.

  2. Oh, I’m so sorry you have gone past your due date now. What a bummer! I can only imagine your anticipation and how hard it is to still be waiting. However, I am glad that you seem to be feeling pretty good (besides a little menstrual pain)… that’s great! I’ve felt so miserable lately and I keep thinking “how am I going to make it two more weeks like this?” ugh!

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