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Craft Project: Repurposed Window

In my last post I mentioned that we had another project we were working on for the nursery. Well, now you get to see what it is.

We wanted to get a mirror for above the changing dresser as we were told that mirrors are great for stimulation and distraction for the little one. I didn’t necessarily want one that I could look into (cause I don’t need to see that). Just something that she will be able to see herself in. Well, as per usual I could not find one that was the right size, shape or color for the nursery. So I got to thinking and realized that we already had everything we needed to make our own!

A couple of years ago we put in a sliding door and we had to take out some windows to do so. I told Jed that I wanted to keep the windows for possible craft/display projects. So we had four windows collecting dust in our basement. Until last week. We also replaced a mirror in one of our bathrooms last year, and of course, we kept the old mirror as well – also collecting dust in the basement.

So I had Jed bring out one of the windows and I cleaned it up and gave it a fresh new coat of white paint. Then Jed used a glass cutter and cut four pieces of mirror to fit in the bottom four panes.

Old Window

We glued the mirror pieces onto the glass and voila! Half mirror, half display.

Repurposed Window
After – Repurposed Window
Repurposed Window with Mirrors
Repurposed Window with Mirrors

I made these little print outs for the four display panes above the mirrors. I figured once we had photos of us and little Sesame, we can put those in the spaces and change them out as often as we like!

Mirror/Display from Repurposed Window
Mirror/Display from Repurposed Window

I’m so excited about how it turned out. Of course we still have to actually hang it on the wall, but it’s done! And the best part is that it was almost free to make! The only items we had to purchase was the glass cutter and the adhesive – which in total was probably about $10. We had the paint, glass and window already.

We’ll definitely post final nursery photos once it’s hanging so you can see the final, finished piece.


3 thoughts on “Craft Project: Repurposed Window

  1. Wow this is beautiful! I LOVE it. I can’t wait to see more pictures of the nursery with this hanging! xo

  2. I adore this! I actually bought a mirror for the nursery that is similar to this (not nearly as nice or creative). Mine is a mirror that looks like it has window panes. I absolutely love yours!!!

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