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Baby Holl: 37 Weeks

37 Weeks
37 Weeks

I would have to say this past weekend has been a pretty productive one considering my energy levels have started to taper off. I’m still working on my to-do list, but I think we’re getting there. I’m trying to get the nursery all finalized so I can stop messing with it and just wait for little Sesame to arrive. The funny thing is that she’s not even going to be staying in the nursery initially since our bedrooms are on different floors. We have a cradle that’s been in my family for years that we’ll be using in our room for the first little while. I just want the nursery done so I don’t have to worry about it.

One of the things I’ve been obsessively stressing over is the crib skirt. I could not find one in the right color/size that I liked (and I’ve looked at a lot)! My mom suggested I look into a local seamstress so that I could pick out a fabric and have them sew it – and that got me thinking – what a great idea. Then I thought about it more and said “Well, why can’t I do it?”. Because I don’t have a sewing machine, that’s why. So that was a little bit of a problem. Thank goodness for the Internet and YouTube! I found this awesome tutorial on making a no-sew crib skirt!

So I decided to give it a try. I went to JoAnn Fabrics and got some swatches to test out in the room and landed with this one:

Crib Skirt Fabric
Crib Skirt Fabric

It’s a pink and white damask print. After looking at only solid pinks, I liked the small pattern to add a little contrast to the room and crib. I have to be honest, I can’t believe I actually did it! I totally thought I was going to mess it up – even though the video said anyone could do it. I am very good at managing to make the simplest tasks hard. But it was actually really easy once I got the first side done.

No-Sew Crib Skirt
No-Sew Crib Skirt

The best part of this crib skirt is that it’s adjustable so I can move it up/down with the mattress. I didn’t use velcro like they said in the video. Instead I used binder clips, which was what was recommended in this other great tutorial I found.

Crib Skirt
Crib Skirt

And since our crib is against the wall, I only made the two sides. I have enough fabric leftover to probably make the other shorter side, but I don’t think we’ll be needing to do that with this nursery. The best part was between the fabric and other materials, it only cost me about $25 to make and now if I ever change my mind (which is probably bound to happen), I can make a different one!

Another quick little project I finished up this weekend was this:

Picture Frame Photo Collage
Picture Frame Photo Collage

I found the frame at an antique mall for $2 and so I spray painted it white, added some string and got some small clothespins to display our polaroid pictures. I thought this was fun because we could easily change out the photos. Not sure yet where we’re going to hang it, but it was pretty simple to do. Of course this project was inspired by Pinterest.

There is one more project we have for the nursery that is almost ready to show that we worked on this weekend, so make sure to check back later this week for a post on that one. I’m really excited about it and to share it with everyone.

Apart from the numerous craft projects, we did have an interview with another pediatrician yesterday afternoon. This was the second one we’ve visited. We really liked both of them, which doesn’t make the decision any easier. So I think our final decision will be the one we’re closest to.

And we’ve also had 13 people take our Baby Poll so far. One thing I should have mentioned before was that our doctor already said they wouldn’t let us go more than a week past our due date. So if you want to take the poll, keep that little nugget of information in mind.

Here’s the weekly update:

Currently: 37 weeks, 4 days

Countdown: 2 weeks, 3 days

Sesame’s Size: Still the size of a watermelon: 19-22 in. and 6.5 lbs. And my boobs are about the size of cantaloupes, which is not fun. I know some women appreciate and like the larger size that accompanies pregnancy, but not me.

Cravings: Sweets again. We had friends over on Saturday for a game night and I made sure we had s’mores, which were delicious. I’m still hungry all the time, so pretty much anything is on the menu.

Weight Gain: 31 lbs. according to our scale at home. So it seems I am right on track for the 35-lb. weight gain.

Sleep: This has done a 180 in the last week. It’s been much harder for me to fall asleep and get comfortable. I have made a sort of fortress of pillows I use at night. One for under my feet/legs, one on each side and then the two I normally sleep with behind my head. The other night, little Sesame decided to have a dance party in my tummy as she was SO active and I could feel her from my pelvis all the way through my ribcage and it actually hurt (which it hasn’t yet). Not fun when you’re trying to fall asleep.

Mood: Anxious, excited and nervous. My anxiety I think comes from not knowing when she will be making her grand appearance. We’re obviously very excited to meet her and nervous about this new life – making sure we know what to do. It’s going to be a huge change (for the best), but it’s still hard not to think about everything that will change. I’m glad I have such a great support with Jed and that we talk about all these things.

Symptoms: My feet have definitely enlarged and swell on and off, which sucks. I knew that my feet would get a little bigger, but I was hoping to avoid it. Not so. But maybe some of my shoes that were a little too big before will fit now. 🙂 Again, big props to Jed for giving me foot massages. Still a little bit of heartburn on and off at night. Ribcage pain. She has one spot she likes to kick/punch and it’s always sore. Only a couple more weeks though.

Looking Forward To: Her arrival and watching my husband with her. He is going to be such a great dad and I can’t wait to watch her wrap him around her little finger.

Clothes: Nothing new in the clothes department. I did pick up a nursing tank for the hospital and afterwards. I would like my next apparel purchase to not be maternity wear.

Misc. News: Knock on wood, no stretch marks yet and I’m still wearing my wedding ring. I’m trying to stay out of the humidity and drink lots of water. I also think our little boy dog, Tank, can sense the change coming as he has become super clingy to me the past couple of days. He follows me everywhere and wants to cuddle all the time (even though there’s not much room). I love it, but it will be interesting to see the interactions between little girl and the pups.

Our next doctor appointment is tomorrow afternoon, so we’ll see how she’s doing then! Still can’t believe we’re only weeks from meeting her.


10 thoughts on “Baby Holl: 37 Weeks

  1. I really love your crib skirt… and I love even more that you made it yourself! That’s awesome. Your nursery is so sweet and all of the handmade touches make is so special too. All that you do inspires me to create more for my little boy’s room! Now I’m off to find a new project…

    So very close now, and you still look so beautiful! 🙂

  2. You are so crafty! I am learning to sew. I take my first class at Joanne’s in a few weeks. You don’t look like you have gained more than 10 pounds! People say that to me too and I roll my eyes, but you are gonna be back in your normal clothes before you know it. You have that type of body type. I am on track for 35 as well 🙂

    I can’t wait to see pictures and hear the name of your sweet girl! Hang in there!!!

    1. You’ll have to let me know how the class goes. I was curious about doing it and want to get a sewing machine so I can actually make clothes, burp clothes, etc. There were so many cute fabrics at JoAnn.

  3. That is good to know that you can “sew” things without having to “sew” them! I have my baby shower this weekend, and if I don’t get the crib set/skirt, I might try making my own too. After all, I did sew my nursery curtains (with the help of my very-crafty friend, that is)…so perhaps I could do a crib skirt too.

    I’m praying for you and a safe delivery as your due date gets closer! I am getting excited for you…you will have to tell us all about your birth experience so we can know what to expect!!! I’m sure everything will go well, but just know that you are in my thoughts and prayers.

    1. If I could do it, anyone can do it. Thank you for your prayers. It’s definitely becoming more and more real everyday and we’re so excited and nervous all at the same time! I am sure I will let people know about most of the details. Have a great baby shower!

  4. I’m so excited, I just made the no sew crib skirt that you made! It turned out so good, and it was easy enough that even I could make it! I bought the same fabric that I sewed my curtains with (score, it was 50% off today!). With the fabric, binder clips, and adhesive tape, I spent a total of less than $30. I even have left over fabric that I might make into a few small decorative pillows. Thanks for posting this tutorial!

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