Baby Holl: 36 Weeks + Baby Poll

36 Weeks
36 Weeks

So I didn’t get to check off as much as I’d like to from my to-do list from last week’s post. Plus, I’ve added to the list! I think I’ll blame my pregnancy brain on missing some of those items initially.

Additional To-Do’s:

1. Complete our birth plan. This probably should have been at the top of our list last week.

2. Wash baby clothes (that were bought from garage sales or borrowed).

3. Sterilize items (breast pump, pacifiers, etc.).

But, this doesn’t mean we haven’t been busy preparing this past week. Although we did spend some time relaxing poolside over the 4th of July weekend and watching a parade at a friend’s house, we did manage to be productive. My husband took on the lovely task of painting all the trim around our house (which it was in dire need of). There are still a few more windows left to paint, but he’s done an awesome job and the house looks so much better! I also (finally) found a crib skirt that I think I like, so I’m hoping I can put this bedding fiasco to rest. I’ll post pictures of the whole nursery once it’s all complete. I also ordered our changing pad and picked up a cover (I know I’ll probably need to get another one as well) and picked up some organizational items for the nursery and for our kitchen to store baby items.

Here’s some photos of the dressing table as well as the brush and comb set we ordered from The changing pad is from L.A. Baby and we picked this one because it had great reviews and it also had four contoured sides, which I thought would be safer. We can screw it in to the back of our dresser as well for added safety.

Changing Table
Changing Table

This brush and comb set is from Green Sprouts. The brush is SO soft. I highly recommend this item.

Green Sprouts Brush and Comb Set
Green Sprouts Brush and Comb Set

I also picked up some hooks and the 3M command adhesive and added a hook to the outside of our bookshelf next to the dressing table so I can pull out her outfit for the next day! I thought it was a cute way to add some color to the walls as well as make it easy for Jed to dress her (although, I will be curious to see how he dresses her when I’m not around)!

Clothes Display
Clothes Display

In addition to all this, I did call our insurance company to ask about forms to add little Sesame to our plan as well as when they need to be completed. They said we can either call when she’s born to add her or do it online through their member portal. So I’m technically checking that one off my to-do list now that I know we can easily add her on our own time and don’t have to send in any paper forms.

Yesterday was our 36-week appointment and it was also the day they tested for Group B strep. We’ll find out at our appointment next week if I am a carrier (which 30% of women are). It just means that I’ll need antibiotics during delivery, nothing serious. This is also the point at which they start checking my cervix to see if I am effacing and/or dilating. As per the doctor, everything is going well and the cervix is starting to thin (efface) and she is head down in a good position.

So here’s the weekly update:

Currently: 36 weeks, 4 days

Countdown: 3 weeks, 3 days

Sesame’s Size: The size of a watermelon: 19-22 in. and 6.5 lbs.

Cravings: Just about everything. I feel like I’m always hungry. Fruit is high on the list. I did get a watermelon last week, which has been delicious. Pears, strawberries, bananas…you name it, I probably want to eat it.

Weight Gain: Exactly 30 lbs. according to the doctor’s scale.

Sleep: I’m not going to lie, apart from finding that sweet spot when going to bed, I sleep like a rock. Much better than I slept before I was pregnant. Of course there is the routine bathroom jaunt in the middle of the night, but other than that, sleep is good and I’m taking full advantage of it since I know it’s only a matter of time before I’m a walking zombie.

Mood: Anxious and excited. We cannot wait to meet this little bundle of joy and I’m so curious as to when she’ll make her grand appearance (since we’re not doing a c-section).

Symptoms: Heartburn/acid reflux has returned. It’s not horrible, but definitely annoying and mostly happens in the evening or at night. I did wake up one night with bad reflux, which sucked. Back aches are still common and it honestly feels better to be upright and walking around than it does to be lying down, so I think nightly walks are going to be starting soon.

Looking Forward To: Her arrival! Since we’re pretty close to her due date and we have everything we need (I think), it’s just a matter of waiting. I am so excited for her to meet everyone.

Clothes: I did go to Target and pick up a night gown, cotton shorts and a robe for the hospital stay and afterwards. All are super comfy and lightweight. I also picked up another nursing bra. I feel like women should get a stipend for all the money we have to spend on new clothes to fit our changing bodies. Wouldn’t that be nice?

Misc. News: We didn’t get around to taking maternity photos this past weekend like I planned because I was just not prepared and we had lots going on. So we’re planning on doing that next weekend, but I did take this picture at our house since we found these adorable little pink sneakers for her.

All-Star Family
All-Star Family

I’ve seen lots of maternity photos on Pinterest that I like. What are some of your favorite maternity-style photos?

That’s it for the weekly update. Make sure to take our baby poll and see if you can guess when her big debut will be!


4 thoughts on “Baby Holl: 36 Weeks + Baby Poll

  1. I love the idea of hanging her next day’s outfit on a hook in the room. I might have to do that too.

    That is amazing that you are sleeping well at night. I can honestly say I’m jealous:) My sleep is terrible lately. With your good luck, you will have a baby that never cries too!

    Good luck doing the maternity photos! I absolutely love maternity photos and I’m sure yours will turn out beautifully. Pinterest has so many great ideas for photo ops.

  2. They say that if you have heartburn during pregnancy that your baby will be born with a full head of hair! So, maybe???

    I also just did the trip to Target to pick up a robe, nursing bra, and some full-coverage cotton undies to use at the hospital (nothing nice, so I can throw them away if they’re ruined). SO expensive! I can’t imagine how much more I could have spent if I went somewhere else for these things. My husband is about to have a heart-attack as he’s watching our account and keeping track of every little baby expense!

    1. I’ve heard that as well. Seeing as both Jed and I had hair, I think the odds she has hair when she’s born are good.

      Target has some great things and I always check for coupons before I go since usually they have something for sleepwear and/or maternity.

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