The Perfect Outfit

I know it’s probably not that big of a deal, but I have been looking for quite a while for our “going-home” outfit for little Sesame. I wanted something that was simple, feminine, but also lightweight since she’s due August 2nd – right in the heat of summer. My mom and I were looking all around and my mom finally found the perfect outfit – so of course I had to share it.

It’s a white dress with embroidered flowers. So cute and exactly what I was picturing!

Going Home Outfit
Going Home Outfit
Embroidered Going Home Outfit
Embroidered Going Home Outfit

While my mom picked up this dress, she also picked out a few other adorable items for this little girl. The little bloomers below have sparkles and the booties have strong elastic so that she won’t be able to kick them off. The material on the bottom of the booties is also super-soft. I think it’s that chenille material that you see a lot of blankets made out of.

Ruffles and Booties
Ruffles and Booties

Grandma-to-be also picked out this super cute summer outfit. Again, with an August due date and the immense heat/humidity we can get here in Iowa, this is perfect.

Summer Outfit
Summer Outfit

I have to admit, kids clothes are just way too cute. I wish the clothes would grow with them!

Are you planning a special going-home outfit? Have you found it yet?


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