Baby Holl: 34 Weeks – Babymoon

34 Weeks
34 Weeks

This post is a little later than usual as we literally just got back from our babymoon vacation a few hours ago. I would have written it in the car, but I get severe motion sickness in the car if I try to read/write/look at computers, so I figured I would spare Jed and wait until we got home.

We decided to go up to our lake home for our vacation as it was the most relaxing place we could think of. It’s up on Lake Vermilion in Northern Minnesota and it’s gorgeous. Pretty much a postcard for The Great Outdoors.

Lake Vermilion
Lake Vermilion

Since it’s about an 8-hour trek from Des Moines to the cabin, we decided it would be best to split up the drive and stay with my parents on the way up and back. So we took off Thursday and stayed with my parents and then got up and drove the rest of the way Friday morning. We did the same coming back, which was nice. The weather was nice when we got up there on Friday, but it rained pretty much non-stop Saturday through Sunday afternoon. But that was just fine with me as I had some reading I wanted to catch up on and it was a vacation – so there wasn’t anything on the agenda other than being able to spend time with Jed.

Jed's Big Catch
Jed’s Big Catch

We finally got the boat out Sunday evening when it cleared up and took it out for a spin. It was pretty windy and there were some decent sized waves on the lake so we got a little wet.

Monday was beautiful. So beautiful that Jed and I got a little too excited to get out on the lake and ended up getting sunburned pretty bad. Sunburn + pregnancy = not very fun. But that’s my fault so I can’t complain. We scooted around the lake so Jed could get in some fishing while I sat and enjoyed the scenery, weather and my book. Jed did manage to get a bite after a while – check out his “big” catch!

We also thought it would be fun to have a little archery contest in the backyard. Jed won both games, but I did make sure to give him a run for his money.

Monday night we made a fire outside and just enjoyed the evening. The one thing you notice when you’re up at the cabin is all the surrounding nature, which for us included a robin’s nest on one of our flood lights with 3-4 little babies. Tuesday morning we found that one of the little guys fell out of the nest, but luckily hadn’t broken anything (that we could tell) as he/she was moving its head, legs and wings. Jed to the rescue. Creatively, Jed used a plastic paddle for one of our rafts and got the baby back into the nest.

Jed also took the dogs on a little boat ride, which was quite amazing to me as they are not water dogs and do not like loud noises/unknown situations. I didn’t even think they would go onto the dock, but they proved us wrong. They loved it! I guess we should have had some inkling that they would like it as they LOVE car rides and this was like that, but with a little more wind. Next step will be trying to get them in the lake with us. That may take a little more work and incentive on our parts. Tuesday afternoon we took the boat over to The Landing for lunch and then headed back to the cabin to pack up.

Taking The Dogs For A Ride
Taking The Dogs For A Ride

The vacation was awesome and I wish we were still up there, but it was great to be able to spend time with Jed and relax before our little bundle of joy arrives in a few weeks. We’re excited to bring her up there and let her explore and learn and have fun.

We had a doctor’s appointment this afternoon, so here’s the weekly update:

Currently: 34 weeks, 5 days

Countdown: 5 weeks, 2 days

Sesame’s Size: The size of a large cantaloupe – 19-22 in. and 5.5 lbs.

Cravings: I wouldn’t say I really have any cravings right now. I have noticed that I can’t eat as much (even if I want to) and like to snack rather than having bigger meals. We did go and get ice cream while we were at the lake, so sweets are still on the list, but I’m not eating them as often.

Weight Gain: Ugh. 29 lbs. so far.

Sleep: The sunburn has not helped me in this department as it hurts to turn over. I also had a really bad case of acid reflux last night that pretty much kept me up and was not enjoyable. I took a few tums, which helped, but it came on really quick and lasted for quite a while. Now I’m a little paranoid about whether it was something I ate or if it was just a fluke happening.

Mood: Still excited and anxious, but now a little tired and probably a tad more irritable. For some reason the body changes have become much more noticeable in the last week and any woman can tell you that they don’t like the thought of gaining weight, no matter the circumstance. So I think that’s why I’ve been a little more irritable. My legs have definitely gotten bigger as pants and shorts are starting to get tighter. I keep reminding myself that I only have a few more weeks left though.

Symptoms: Acid reflux as I mentioned above. Hopefully that was a one-time deal. My back still aches occasionally depending on how long I’ve been on my feet, how I’m sitting or what I’m doing. I have also noticed that my feet are getting bigger. They do get swollen if I’ve been on them, but I try to make sure to get them up when I notice that, so it’s not a consistent thing.

Looking Forward To: Getting the nursery wrapped up. I still have a few more items to get, but we’re getting closer. I also have a couple more ideas for artwork that I need to get going on if they are going to be done before she arrives!

Clothes: Some items are starting to get a little short and tight, but I’m still holding out to see how far I can get without having to buy much of anything else. I still need to get some of the post-pregnancy items such as nursing tanks, but again, I’m going to probably wait a week or two before doing that since women tend to get a little bigger in the last month when the milk comes in.

Misc. News: We had our doctor’s appointment today and we go back in two weeks (July 8) and then we’ll start going in weekly after that as they’ll check my cervix and see if I’m dilating at all. The doctor did say she is facing downward, which is good. Now I know that it is her little feet that keep jabbing my ribcage :). At our next appointment they said they are going to do the Group B Strep test. Every pregnant women has this tested around 36 weeks and our doctor said about 30% of women actually carry it. If you are a carrier, all it means is that you have to be given antibiotics during labor/delivery of the baby.

That’s it for this week. Lots more on the horizon and I still owe you my breastfeeding post and what I learned at our class!


7 thoughts on “Baby Holl: 34 Weeks – Babymoon

  1. Looks like the perfect babymoon. Wow is it gorgeous up there! We are in love with our cabin too. It is so nice to get away from everything and spend time outdoors!

    You are my role model for pregnancy. You look amazing. You are all belly and I guarantee that the 29 pounds will fall off after you have her. Especially if you breastfeed. I am also on track to gain 35 pounds so I know how hard it is to see the big numbers on the scale. Seriously though, you look perfect!

    So glad you got some relaxing time with your hubby!

    1. Thank you for the kind and encouraging words. I definitely have motivation for getting back in shape now and I will be breastfeeding which I know will help kick my body back in gear post-baby.

    1. Thank you. I know I shouldn’t read into and I never really have before, but it’s definitely a change. I’m already writing my mental list of things to enjoy in these last few weeks before her arrival.

  2. Wow! Your trip sounds/looks like it was wonderful. That’s awesome that you and your husband were able to plan a little babymoon for yourselves. Good for you two!

    I still think you look absolutely gorgeous! So close to the end now… she’ll be here cuddling with you in no time. 🙂

    1. thank you Becky. I can’t wait to meet her, but I still need to get a few things done! Time is definitely not on my side now. I hope you’re staying cool, the temps in AZ are horrible!

  3. I love your chalkboard pic….super cute drawing of the water and trees:) And I must add that you look great too! You are only a few weeks from your due date, so just keep reminding yourself that once the baby is here everything will all be worth it. I can relate about feeling sensitive about gaining weight and feeling bigger…in my opinion that’s been one of the hardest parts of pregnancy. You honestly look amazing! (Glad you are finally getting to use your maternity swimsuit!!)

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