Baby Holl: 32 Weeks

32 Weeks
32 Weeks

My pregnancy brain seems to be in full effect now! I am forgetting things more often and also find myself putting things in weird places, such as the one time I tried to put our water pitcher in the cupboard instead of the refrigerator.

As predicted, it’s been another busy week for us and this upcoming week is going to be even busier!

Last week I had a Pottery Barn Kids design consultant come to the house to help with bedding. I am going to the store today to look at ideas she has pulled together and see if there’s anything I like. Two of the designs I like are the Georgia and the Dahlia. We’re really only looking at a crib skirt and sheets right now since I’ve heard mixed reviews about bumpers and that they aren’t really necessary. We’re not in a huge rush to get it figured out since we do have a cradle that we will be using for the first few weeks or so in our room.

I also went out and visited Jed at work last week to get some photos of us with the F-16 that he crews.  The F-16’s will be leaving Des Moines this summer, which makes me really sad. So we wanted to make sure to get photos of us with the jet and the Des Moines emblem/Jed’s name before they repaint it for the transfer to the next base. It’s hard to see the end of this era and I’ll miss hearing them overhead and seeing them take-off. I haven’t found anything comparable yet to the rush you get when you see these take-off up close.

The Mighty 407 & Baby Safety
The Mighty 407

Although we didn’t need them, we thought it would be funny to have an ear set for me and for baby Sesame. Safety first!

Last week we also attended a one-time breastfeeding class. I think I’m going to write a separate post for that one so I don’t make this one too long and also because there was a lot of really good information I want to share with you – if you’re curious about that sort of thing.

Jed's Pregnant!
Jed’s Pregnant!

Yesterday was also a busy day as we had our first pediatrician interview, a doctor’s appointment and our fourth prenatal class. Nothing too exciting about the doctor’s visit other than that they gave me the vaccine for whooping cough. I actually had one in October (right before we got pregnant), but this one was for baby and to make sure she gets the antibodies from me to keep her safe for the first couple of months after delivery. The pediatric visit was good. I brought along a list of questions for the pediatrician, but since they’ve done this a few times, we didn’t really end up needing them. But I still recommend bringing them, just in case. We are going to visit a couple of others just to get a good comparison and see who we like. At our prenatal class we learned about episiotomies. If you have a weak stomach or are a man, I would recommend skipping over this part of the blog and pretending you never heard this word before. All I can really say is “ouch”. Our instructor informed us that this used to be the “norm” and you couldn’t specify if you wanted one or not, but it has since become less and less necessary. Apart from the actual incision other disadvantages include infection, more tearing and lots of discomfort. I understand there may be certain circumstances that this procedure is necessary, but I hope we can divert this subject during birth. The best part of last night’s class was that Jed wore the empathy belly – a 35 lb. pregnancy suit. He is such a great support and I’m happy he is so involved with the pregnancy and willing to do things like this. I didn’t make him do it, I left that decision up to him. AND, I asked his permission to post the photo on the blog. What a trooper!

But enough about the gross possibilities that may occur during childbirth. This coming weekend is going to be crazy busy as we have my baby shower as well as a man shower of sorts for Jed. He mentioned that he wanted to do something with the guys, so we thought it would be fun to do a casual get-together/diaper raffle at our house for the men. He decided on doing a low-boil so I put together the following invite and diaper raffle ticket for him. Also shown is the invite my friend put together for my shower (all personal information is whited out).

Diaper Party Invite - Diaper Raffle Ticket - Baby Shower Invite
Diaper Party Invite – Diaper Raffle Ticket – Baby Shower Invite

We’re really excited to see all of our family and friends and it’s always a great time when we’re all together. Right now we’re just trying to get everything clean and organized before the troops arrive. We’ll make sure to post pictures next week of both events!

Here’s the weekly update:

Currently: 32 weeks, 4 days

Countdown: 7 weeks, 3 days

Sesame’s Size: The size of a honeydew melon – 19 in. and 4.5 lbs.

Cravings: Food. Doesn’t seem to matter what it is, I’m just hungry all the time. I try to remember to always have a granola bar or something to snack on in my purse for those sudden hunger attacks.

Weight Gain: 23 lbs. per the doctor’s scale. I’m pretty sure half of it’s in my chest. At least that’s what it feels/looks like.

Sleep: I’ve been sleeping like a rock. I think I am actually sleeping better now than before I was pregnant. Although I have a feeling this will soon change.

Mood: Excited and anxious. I’m excited for the upcoming festivities and to see my family, but a little anxious every time I think that we’re not that far away from her birthday – and that’s scary to think about.

Symptoms: Back aches are a little better, but still definitely leading the charge, especially when I’m out and about.

Looking Forward To: The baby shower and seeing family and friends. I’m also really excited to celebrate Jed’s first Father’s Day this weekend! It will be great that I’ll have my dad in town too for the holiday.

Clothes: Nothing new here. I went shopping with a friend of mine who is also expecting and I was trying to find a dress for the baby shower. Haven’t had much luck yet, so I’m keeping an eye out.

Misc. News: Well, the weather is still pretty crummy around here. I wish summer would hurry up and arrive.

Stay tuned for more posts this week about the upcoming festivities, artwork for the nursery and more! Seems like there is a lot more to talk about the closer we get to her arrival!


2 thoughts on “Baby Holl: 32 Weeks

  1. Wow, girl! You look really, really good. 🙂

    We talked about episiotomies during our last prenatal class too. Our instructor even drew a picture on the dry-erase board… I watched and laughed as all the dads cringed in horror! LOL!

  2. whenever someone needed an epis when I worked L&D I would start talking really loud, because the sound is something awful! hopefully you can avert the whole yucky thing, and you probably can just fine. you look really good! So jealous you get to meet your little one so soon!

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