Baby Holl: 30 Weeks

30 Weeks
30 Weeks

I keep playing “The Final Countdown” in my head every time I think of how far along we are. We’re now at the 10 week mark, which seems like a long time, but in reality – it isn’t! Especially considering I don’t have half the things done I wish I did – like the nursery.

This past week has been pretty uneventful and I’m blaming the weather for that one. I am SO sick of the weather this year. Everything has been off and we’re still in the “spring” season where it seems like it’s been raining every day. Oh wait, it has. Is one week of sunshine too much to ask for? I’m not sure I’m ever going to be able to use my maternity swim suit at this rate.

Anyway, enough with the weather-rant. We haven’t been up to much this past week, so this is going to be a short(er) post than usual. We did have some birthdays to celebrate over the Memorial Day weekend. Jed’s niece turned 12 yesterday and his nephew turns 8 on Friday, so we had a joint family party on Saturday to celebrate. I made a Oreo cake for his niece and there were cupcakes for his nephew, so this pregnant lady was in heaven.

We’re still waiting for our furniture to arrive and I’m starting to get really impatient with the situation as I want to work on the nursery, but am finding it a little difficult to do without any furniture. It’s hard to plan out where to put wall art, the crib, storage, etc. when you don’t have the pieces to play around with. Hopefully we have some good news this week or next.

What I am excited to share with you is that I found out Pottery Barn Kids offers free design services to help you with your rooms. They will have someone come out to your house and help you with anything and everything you want within the room! I am considering doing this because I am totally stuck right now on what to get for bedding. I am a very visual person and like to see it all put together, so I think this will help me make some decisions.

We didn’t have a prenatal class this week because of the holiday, so we’ll resume those next Monday. We did sign up for a one-time breastfeeding class next Tuesday. I’m not really sure why guys need to go to this, but there must be some reason as another couple in our prenatal class said it was really helpful. We also scheduled an in-office visit to meet a pediatrician next week.

I’m also still working on some artwork for the nursery as well as her baby book, but it’s not quite there yet to show you. Hopefully I’ll have enough done next week to share with you.

We did have a doctor’s appointment today, so here’s the latest scoop:

Currently: 30 weeks, 4 days

Countdown: 9 weeks, 3 days

Sesame’s Size: Size of a head of lettuce and is 18 in. and 3.2 lbs.

Cravings: I’m still craving everything. My appetite is definitely strong these days so hide your food if I’m around and don’t expect me to share anytime soon.

Weight Gain: 22 lbs. so far. (Ugh).

Sleep: I started using a small pillow in addition to my other two to keep me a little more upright at night. This has helped my back and my congestion. I’m sleeping through the night, but still having crazy dreams.

Mood: Happy and impatient. As I said above, I just want to get going on the nursery again, but would like to have the furniture.

Symptoms: I’ve been having more difficulty breathing but based on what I’ve read that’s normal since everything in there has moved around and there’s not as much room for my lungs to expand. It doesn’t help that I have asthma, allergies and we’re getting into the humid summer season, but I’m keeping an eye on everything. I’m also starting to get tired again (like in the first trimester). The worst part so far though – the back aches!! I didn’t know they could come on so quickly and last for so long. There’s one particular spot on my back that keeps getting tight so I need to pay more attention to what I’m doing to see if I can avoid straining that side. Jed’s been a great husband though and giving me massages.

Looking Forward To: Getting away for a little bit. We’re planning a small vacation towards the end of June for Jed and I to get away and enjoy some time together before our family expands. We have a lake home up in northern Minnesota that we will be traveling to. I’m not so excited about the driving, but am excited to get away for a little bit and enjoy the lake.

Clothes: Rocking the maternity clothes like no one’s business. Whoever invented the belly band for pants was a genius. But I still can’t wait for summer weather.

Misc. News: With summer hopefully around the corner and the thought of actually getting into a swim suit I did a little research as I wanted to know if it’s okay to get waxed while pregnant. Great news! It is just fine (if you’re okay with the slight pain from the process). Seeing as I will be biggest in the summer and mobility is becoming a bit of an issue, I  think waxing may be the way for me to go this summer for convenience and safety reasons.

That’s it for this week. I should have a lot more to share with you next week with our classes, appointments and other projects we’re working on.


One thought on “Baby Holl: 30 Weeks

  1. I feel the same as you about getting more work done in the nursery. We’re also held up waiting for the rest of our furniture! I just want to work on it now while I have all these great ideas and energy. The bigger I get, the more tired I seem to be.

    I’m also having a lot of back pain… just yesterday my doctor said it sounded like “sciatica”. She said it’s from the extra pressure of the baby on my spinal nerves. Here’s what she recommended: short walks, heating pad, and massage from husband! 🙂

    Have fun on your trip to Minnesota! We just love it there, we actually spent our honeymoon at Grand View Lodge on Gull Lake (just north of Brainerd).

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