Out Of The Box Gift Ideas

RibbonI’ve been working on my baby registry for the past couple of months and while I’ve been scouring the World Wide Web I’ve come across some pretty cool ideas for gifts. So I thought I would share what I’ve found thus far and also see if any of you have more ideas!

For Baby/Child:

1. Citrus Lane

This is a subscription-based service that sends a box of 4-5 mommy-approved products right to your house! All the products are reviewed and recommended by the company and real parents (no product placement here, folks), so you know you’re getting trustworthy, quality products. It seems super-simple. You register for what you want (monthly, 3-month, 6-month or annual subscription), input the age of the child so they know what age-appropriate items to include and then they deliver the box for FREE each month (or however you specified)! How cool is that? All the products on their website look awesome and useful. You can subscribe yourself or you can send this to someone as a gift. The boxes are for ages newborn – 3 years.

2. Cooper and Kid

This one’s for the father’s out there (Father’s Day is fast-approaching). Very similar to Citrus Lane, this is a mail-based service that sends a kit for dad and child to play and interact with. They are a newer company, so they are not subscription-based yet, but that’s their goal – to send different kits each month on a specific subject. Their current kit is called “How Things Fly” and includes items such as a book, a catapult, an activity book and lots more that relate to that theme. The shipping box even turns into a toy – how awesome is that? This is for kids that are a little older – 5 years and up, but I love the idea that it is something for daddy to do with the kids. It’s a little more expensive – $65 for one kit, but they say they have over $100 worth of products in it – so that seems like a steal for days filled with education and entertainment for father and child.

3. World Wildlife Fund – Animal Adoption

I saw this idea on Babylist (where we have our registry) and thought it was such a neat idea for the animal-lovers out there. While teddy bears are a staple of every newborn’s life, wouldn’t it be even cooler to actually adopt a bear for them? For $50, you can gift the adoption of a panda bear, tiger, elephant (or pretty much any other species) for the little one. They’ll receive a plush stuffed animal of that species, an adoption certificate and info card, a picture of the animal and a gift bag. So instead of just getting the plush teddy bear for $20, make a difference and adopt an actual bear! Of course, newborn’s don’t understand what these are, but I think it would be a great gift idea for a toddler or for those that want to do a little extra good in the world.

4. Photography Session

I haven’t seen this anywhere as a gift idea, but I thought it could be a great group gift. We all want photos of our little ones when they’re born (and each day and month after), so why not gift someone a photography session with a local professional photographer? No one can say “no” to that, plus it’s something they’ll be able to keep forever (the prints, not the photographer). I haven’t looked into photographers yet, but I’m sure most would be willing to supply a certificate for a session or two to gift.

For Mom:

Let’s not forget the momma in this pregnancy picture. She’s only been carrying around a little human for the past 9 months or so. The following are a couple of ideas that I know I would love to get as an expecting/new mother.

1. Spa Day

A spa day before and/or after the birth of little baby would be awesome. Whether it’s a prenatal massage and a manicure or a pedicure and a facial, every momma wants to look, and more importantly, feel her best in this time of immense bodily change. A little pampering can go a long way.

2. Personalized Jewelry

This one is hard to get before baby is born (if you don’t know their name for personalization), but I love the simple necklaces and bracelets out there such as this necklace from Etsy or this bracelet from Restoration Hardware. I also like this necklace from Pottery Barn Kids that lets you include their birthstone.

There’s also a lot of sanity-saving after-birth gifts for mom such as frozen meals and house cleaning services, but those aren’t as exciting to receive as the above.

What are some creative gift ideas you’ve seen or received? For all the mom’s out there, what’s been your favorite gift to receive (for you or baby)?


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